Eid Mubarak Beautiful Sms 2024 wishes, Images & Pictures

Eid ul Fitr is a festival that symbolizes the end of Ramadan. Eid Mubarak Beautiful Sms 2024 wishes, Images & Pictures for Muslims celebrated worldwide. this day, Muslims do not offer fast.

The Eid day falls on the first day of Shawwal. The exact date of the celebration of Eid ul Fitr varies yearly by locality. Eid Mubarak Beautiful Sms 2024 wishes, Images & Pictures are celebrated on the same day in some countries like Saudi Arabia.

Eid Mubarak Sms 2024

There are many ways to celebrate Eid. First of all, Muslims offer Eid prayer and then embrace with others to share their happiness of the joyful day. Young people share their happiness by sending different eid SMS to their friends like thisEID-SMS-2016

Eid Mubarak Wishes

eid mubarak wishes collected many more SMS to share with our viewers so that they enjoy them and have fun with their friends by sharing these messages and shearing these messages on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Eid Mubarak Wishes 2024

The following are the best eid Mubarak wishes in Urdu.

I wish you a very happy and peaceful Eid. May ALLAH accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all people’s around the Globe.

Eid Mubark to everyone. May you all have a very happy and blessed Eid. and may Allah accept our fasts and prayers Ameen.

Assalam o Alaikum
Wishing you All
With Love and best wishes.
May this EID DAY
bring a lot of HAPPINESS AND JOYS in you live and
that EID DAY will come in your life

Eid Mubarak Images

Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated across Pakistan on Wednesday, April 10. You can share stylish eid mubarak images. Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated in many countries around the world, including Pakistan, on Wednesday, but the moon has not been seen in India and Bangladesh, where Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Thursday.

Eid-Mubarak-beautiful sms

Eid mubarak wishes in English

Kaash Tum Pucho Mujh Se
“Kiya Chahiye Is EID pe..?”

To Me Pakrun Hath Tera
Aur Bas Dekhta Rahun Tujhy..!

When the sun has set, and the day is done-
I” ll break this chain, but only one.
By the end of Ramadan, this whole chain will be all gone!
Its time for Eid and lots of fun!!!

Gheir’on mein hai jo shaad usey Eid Mubarak,
Jis ko hum nahin hain yaad usey eid mubarak,
Masoom se armaan’on ki masoom si duniya,
Jo kar geya barbaad usey Eid SMS.

Here comes the day,
once in a blue moon.
With chanda mama shining up bright
And blessing everyone.
Her love so tender & merciful.
Shining down on the earth wishing us
Happy eid.
Eid mubarak

No shadows to depress you,
Only joys to surround you,
God himself to bless you,
these are my wishes for you,
Today, tomorrow, and every day.
Eid Mubarik.

May Allah honor you, Forgive you,Purify you,
Accept your all ibadat and dua.
Elevate you, Inspire you and Envelope you with his noor,
Mercy and protect you.
Wish you a Happy Eid.

May Allah honor you, Forgive you,Purify you,
Accept your all ibadat and dua.
Elevate you, Inspire you and Envelope you with his noor,
Mercy and protect you.
Wish you a Happy Eid.

Rahoo Ki ye sham our yadoon ka ye sama
Apni palkoon mein har giz sitare na layain gay

Rakhna Sambhal k tum chund khushiyan mere liye
Main lout k aaonga phir EID Manain gay…

ao milaen k aaj EID ka din Hy
musarratoon muskarahtoon deed ka din Hy
galley bhulaen, Dillon ko saaf ab kar lawn
ranjishon ko mitaen k sat-e-sawed ka din Hy

Subah Subah outh k ho jao Fresh,
Pahen lo aj Sab se acha sa koi Dress,
Doston ka sath ab chalo Ghumne,
Eid Mubarak Karo sab ko jo aye Samne.
Tum ko bhi EID MUBARAK.

eid is the wonder full day to pray,
to love,
to care,
to celebrate,
to happy and Allah bless you always.

May your plate of life be always full of juicy Kebabs
& Tikes, Topped with the chutney of Happiness.
With best Eid wishes, Happy EID 🙂 🙂 🙂

The moon has been sighted
The Samosazz are ready
Here comes EID so just go steady
Lots of Prays is all i request
and just wanted to wish you all the BEST!!!
“Eid Mubarak”

Apne Kia Socha SMS Nai Aayega..
Socha Yeh Dost Aapko Yunhi Bhool Jayega..

Yeh To Adat Hai Hamari Sataney Ki..
Warna iTna Piyara Dost EiD Par Kon Bhulana Chahay ga

—EiD MubaraK—

Eid ho chuki hai…
Keypad dabanay se badbu(smell) nahi jayegi,
chup chaap nahanay jao..:p
[==-EiD MuBaRaK-==]

Momin ka
her wo din
Eid ka din hay
jis din wo
koi gunah na kare.

Kya Aap ne suna hai..?

BBC per
CNN per
PTV per
ARY per
GEO per
nahi suna..!
FM 100 per tou suna ho ga..!
Ager phir bhi nahi suna to Ab Parh Loo..

Ξ EiD MubaraK Ξ

Eid is a “Day” which come with happiness
and joy , wish this day joy with your special one and all
You are blessing of god for us, God is too happy
from us, who gave you us by him happy eid.
Happy First Day Of Eid

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Eid ul Fitr Mubarak

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