Digiskill Training Program E-commerce Management Free Online Course

E-commerce Management focuses on enabling trainees to learn and understand basic skills of setting up and running online stores from End-to-End including selecting niche market of products, domain hosting, selection of open-source E-Business software like Magento and Prestashop, etc. Trainees will learn the skill to set up an online store quickly in Magento and Prestashop on the localhost and on Cloud.

The world is rapidly moving towards e-commerce. Experts say that the growth of one e-commerce in 2000 was equal to ten years. Twenty percent of trade is online and in some countries of the world it is fifty to sixty percent.

Digiskill Training Program E-commerce Management Free Online Course

Different payment mechanisms prevailing locally and internationally will be discussed at length to enable trainees to know about the dynamics of the global E-Commerce marketplace. Trainees will be able to learn the skill of optimizing the online store using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Facebook Ads, AdWords, and AdSense will be discussed from the implementation viewpoint in reaching out to clients for revenue generation. AdSense will enable trainees to start earning by creating a blog and apply traffic generation techniques to increase earning at free of cost. Trainees will learn a skill on how to start a business utilizing the Alibaba Group Web portal.Registration of Pakistani nationals has been blocked on the world’s largest online trading website, with companies such as Amazon and PayPal objecting to Pakistan’s international payments strategy.

Trainees will learn how to scale E-commerce business on a long-term basis to generate sustainable revenue from the online store. Attention to scaling the business and management of E-Commerce business is much needed in the local ecosystem.

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E-commerce Management Definition;

E-commerce means electronic commerce, in simple terms the purchase of goods or services through an online website is called e-commerce. This concept has become increasingly common worldwide with numerous benefits. If you are already doing business or you want to start a new business or you are a business entrepreneur, then you must do an e-commerce certificate course.

There are following basic types of e-commerce

  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Consumer-to-Consumer
  • Consumer-to-Business
  • Business-to-Administration
  • Consumer-to-Administration

Digiskill Training Program E-commerce Management Free Online Course Registration

After completing the e-commerce course, it will be easier for you to decide whether or not to pursue your e-business. This short course is also a must-do for students who have studied Commerce as an optional subject in formal education.

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If you are a business-minded, this short course offers endless opportunities to make a wonderful career. Students with formal medical and engineering education should avoid this short course to the extent possible because the fundamentals taught in this short course are quite different from their academic and mental inclinations.


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