CM Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Discount Program 2024 Online Apply

The Ehsaas Ration Program is fully automated in Punjab as compared to the federal government. The subsidy of Rs 2000 per month is also double the amount applicable for each family in the federal level programme. Targeted subsidy is implemented through mobile point-of-sale at grocery stores and CSD’s computerized point-of-sale system.

Chief Minister Punjab has given principle approval to start the Ehsaas Ration Discount Program in Punjab. will get flour, pulses and ghee at cheap prices. Eligible Citizen of Punjab Province can apply Online on official website of Punjab Ehsaas Program

CM Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Discount Program 2024 Online Apply

Chief Minister Punjab gave in-principle approval to start the Ehsaas Ration Discount Program in Punjab. It has been decided to give 1500 rupees instead of 1000 rupees to poor people under Ehsaas Ration Discount Program. Under Ehsaas Ration Discount Program, poor people will get flour, pulses and ghee at cheap prices.

CM Punjab Ehsaas Rashan Discount Program 2022 Online Apply

Punjab Chief Minister has launched Punjab Ehsaas Ration Programme worth Rs100 billion to pro­vide edibles to deserv­ing families at 40 per cent subsidised rate.For Ehsaas Ration Discount Program. Initially, the Punjab government has set aside 100 billion rupees. If necessary, they will increase this amount more.80 lakh families of Punjab will benefit from this great welfare project. There will be 40% discount on flour, pulses, cooking oil and ghee. The registration process of the eligible persons will continue for 2 weeks.

Ehsaas Ration Concession Program is a big step towards poverty alleviation and welfare state. A working group will also be formed regarding Ehsaas Ration Concession Program. Dr. Sania Nishtar gave a briefing about the features of Ehsaas Ration Concession Program, Ehsaas Card and Ehsaas Protection Program. Welfare projects for women will be started in South Punjab under the Punjab Ehsaas programme. Pregnant women will be given stipends to prevent stunting.

Low-income families would be facilitated with ration at low cost and Ehsaas desks were being established in different districts of the province. Punjab government is signing MoUs very soon with National Bank, Nadra and mobile companies for transparent registration of the programme.

How to Apply:

Registration in Ehsaas Ration discount program can be done through mobile application, shopkeepers will also register for discount program through mobile application while families will be registered in the program through a transparent process. One crore low-income families will get a subsidy of Rs 100 billion on the purchase of ration and if the subsidy amount is not used, it will be added to the next month’s subsidy.

The registration procedure is being made simple and common understanding while other family members will be verified with NADRA through the ID card number of the registered person.Approving the increase in monthly subsidy per family under the Ehsaas Ration Discount Program, under the Ehsaas Ration Discount Program, the deserving families will be able to buy flour, ghee and pulses 40% cheaper from the market.

The Chief Minister said that in order to improve inflation and the quality and quantity of food for those living in welfare institutions. The per capita amount of food for people has been increased and by increasing the per capita amount of food such people will be able to get quality and abundant food. He said that the Ehsaas Bill will be presented in the Punjab Assembly soon.

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