CM Hunarmand Jawan Programme TEVTA Short Courses Admission 2024

CM Hunarmand Jawan Program aims to provide quality demand-driven skills to an additional 100.000 students annually at TEVTA institutes across Punjab With a budget of PKR 1500 Million, the Chief Minister has ensured free of cost training for ail Through its 56 New Courses including. Virtual Assistants for apply navtic Online apply on minister kamyab jawab tevta admission online apply

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics the program envisages empowering our youth with economic opportunities in line with the Prime Minister’s vision for creating 10 million jobs.


TEVTA Punjab Building On Existing Success Launches Online Training Courses For Virtual Assistant (Amazon) & E-Rozgar Courses For 16200 Students. The Virtual Assistant Training & E-Employment Opportunity will be provided on Amazon. eBay etc. Training on E-Rozgar Creative (Graphic Designing) & E-Rozgar Technical (Web Development) Courses will be provided along with Economic Opportunities.



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Chief Minister Hunarmand Jawan Programme TEVTA Admission 2024

The skilled Pakistan program will also help alleviate poverty, the scope of the sense program for the disadvantaged sections of the society has been expanded, relief is given to the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society.

Hunarmand Nojawan (Short Courses)

Sr. NoCourseInstitutes
1Microsoft IT Academies[English][Urdu]
4Chinese Language[English][Urdu]
5English Language[English][Urdu]
6Short Courses (3 months)[English][Urdu]
7Short Courses (6 months)[English][Urdu]
auto mechanic6Ensmirtiry food EVtscnratooA
Auto A Farm Macftner)6Fabric Printing6
AutoCAD6FiSftOf OtSi6
Auto Electrician6FtrisNnj A Wishing On Furniture6
AAmnum A SleM Fabricator3firm General6
Beautician6Graphic Designing6
Body A Glue Matang6Hand A Machine Embroidery6
CCA6Home Appliances Repair6
CM Surveyor6House Carpenter6
CMC FYogrammng Setup & Operations6HYACR6
Domes* Mining6airport A Export Documentation6
EletaiciAy CortrcAed Engine Dogrostc A Tune-up6Muirna deanoan6
Etectncan3Industrial Fitter3
Electronic Equipment Repair6industrial SWcImg MacNne Oceraeor6
Ujcftne Embroider)Ato Ml MkMc6
ukmmATractor Operator6
mhmATunnel Farming6
UoMeFtione RepairingAUPS Repair Mechanic6
1 After l»»-^—

WuX wntm

Motorcade MechanicAWilder6

professional Cook



Chinese Language
Quarter SurveywADnengCome2
RK Ming Plant Operator
Safety Otter


English language
E -Raigar


Sol* (PV) System tor flower GenerationAMicrosoft n CerWcale4
Teme DeupinjA
Tense Spnnng Machine OpetMor
Toots. Oe A Wood Makhno


Technical Educational and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) was established in 1999 through an Ordinance (XXIV of 1999] that merged training institutes from seven different departments of the Government of Punjab. As a special institution, TEVTA was strengthened through an Act in 2010.

Training on Freelancing will be provided For more details visit Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) Government of Punjab

TEVTA arguably the largest skill provider in Pakistan, with a strong presence in every tehsil & district of Punjab. Is imparting technical and vocational training in different sectors of the economy. It has imparted skills to millions of students across Punjab over the previous decades However, the focus was more on quantity and less on quality with a visible disconnect with the Industry.

According to the vision of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the directions from the Chief Minister Punjab, and under the guidance of the Minister of Industries Punjab, we have initiated a strategy to restructure & reorganize the existing TVET system of Punjab at par with the International standards, the new reforms and interventions under our TEVTA Vision 2023 will not only enhance the quality standards of the students but also enable them to secure economic opportunities at local and international level through our New Skill Ecosystem.

The new TEVTA management in its initial 100 days has collaborated with its relevant contributors, including NAVTTC. World Bank. Asian Development Bank & TVET Sector Support Programme (TVET SSP) funded by the European Union and the Norwegian & German governments to identify the critical gaps in its existing TVET system & initiated several Interventions in just 100 days to bring a paradigm shift from its Conventional System to a Modem Skin Ecosystem


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