BISP Toll Free Helpline in Pakistan

 The Federal government of Pakistan has started a new payment system for Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) beneficiaries which they will get money directly in their bank accounts instead of toiling in long queues and giving commissions to agents. Five banks (Bank Alfalah, JS Bank, Sindh Bank, United Bank Limited, and National Bank) have been initially selected for the project; additional banks will be added subsequently. In order to ensure that BISP beneficiaries receive financial aid directly into their accounts, these institutions would open special accounts for them.

BISP Toll Free Helpline in Pakistan

Payment of stipends under Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), which was suspended for the last two days due to extreme heat, is resuming today, June 26, Monday morning. The disbursements of these scholarships will continue from today, June 26 to Wednesday, June 28. However, these payments will be suspended during the Eid-ul-Adha holidays and will resume from July 3. Under the fourth quarter of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)

, more than 41 billion rupees have been given to more than 46 lakh deserving women so far.

BISP Toll Free Helpline in Pakistan

Scholarships under the Benazir Income Support Program are being given to 9 million households across the country on a quarterly basis of Rs 9,000 per household – in addition to payments to mothers of children registered for Benazir Education Scholarships. The BISP toll-free helpline, 0800-26477, accepts any type of complaint, and all messages from the company are sent from this number solely (8171). Payments will resume from July 4, 2023.

BISP Toll Free Helpline in Pakistan

In case of complaint report immediately to BISP toll free helpline Number while all messages from BISP are sent from 8171 only. Since June 19, more than 29 lakh 34 thousand families have been distributed about 26 billion rupees.  In case of any complaint, the nearest tehsil office of Benazir Income Support Program or helpline number 080026477 can be contacted.

Benazir income support program registration

Following the Eid-ul-Adha holidays, the Benazir Income Support Program’s scholarship distribution will resume on July 3. Under the specific directives of Federal Minister Ms. Shazia Murri, monitoring teams have been established around the nation to guarantee openness in the awarding of scholarships.

BISP Toll Free Helpline in Pakistan

Eligible Families will be included in the Ehsaas Kafalat Programme, according to the Surway 70Lac. Provide your CNIC and Family information to a Surway team member at a corporate meeting.Candidates who sent an SMS to 8171 and received a message from NADRA requesting a new CNIC card.The first installment of Rs. 12000 will be given to eligible individuals via PIN 8171. Al Falah Bank and the approved Habib Bank are where you can obtain your payment.

The Ehsas Kafalat programme has been launched by the Pakistani government for deserving individuals.Online registration for the PM ehsaas programme commences at the authorised locations in each district of Pakistan.If you qualify for the Ahasas programme packages, you will receive a Kafalat card and be able to apply for the Ahasas Kafalat program’s benefits.

Ihsas kafalat programme forms are available from your district’s Ehsaas Registration Centre, and you may find a complete list of bisp Ehsas Registration Centres by visiting the provided website at

Sr.noDistrictcityAddressContact Number


1BahawalpurAhmedpur EastUc Office Sheikh Roshen0619330838


2BahawalpurYazmanTma Office0619330838


3BahawalpurBahawalpur SaddarBahalwalpur Saddar0619330838


4BahawalpurBahawalpur CityBahalwalpur City0619330838


5BahawalpurHasilpurOpposite Ac Office Hasilpur0619330838


6BahawalpurKairpur TamewaliYesrab Colony Thq Hospital0619330838


7ChakwalChoa Saidan ShahCivil Rest House0519108121


8ChakwalKalar KaharTma Office Hall0519108121


9ChakwalLawaLibrary Hall Ac Office0519108121


10ChakwalTalagangTma Office0519108121


Ehsaas program registration center in Faisalabad

S.NoA District Site NameAddressContact Number
1FaisalabadFaisalabad CityDc Office 041933073
2FaisalabadChak JumraTMA Office041933073
3FaisalabadSummandariTHQ Hospital Hall041933073
4FaisalabadFaisalabad SaddarRasala Banghla Samandari Raod041933073
5FaisalabadJaranwalaTMA Library Hall 041933073
6FaisalabadTandlianwalaTHQ Hospital Hall041933073

Pakistan is a labor-incentive country in all industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and other sectors, so we should improve our labour force with the aforementioned factors (effective working skills, specialisation, division of labour, and specialisation through the provision of education and skills). Division of labour refers to the division of the production process into distinct stages, with each stage being carried out by a group of workers. and specialisation is the focus of an individual’s productive efforts on a specific economic activity). The more confidently each tiny task is approached, believed in, and completed, the more productive one will be overall.

Sindh 1: 03018472836, 03018472838
Sindh 2: 03028240958, 03018472841
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 03175370081
Balochistan: 03185761507, 03155212897
Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan: 03155213394, 03155213094
South Punjab 1: 03018472831
South Punjab 2: 03175370095
Central Punjab: 03028240972, 03202399575
Punjab North: 03028240977, 03028238564

Since success is a journey rather than a final destination, we should approach it with zeal, assurance, and faith that we can succeed. Without enhancing the person, it is impossible to imagine changing the world. To that aim, everyone of us must seek to better himself while also shouldering a general obligation to all of humanity, with our specific responsibility being to include those to whom we believe we may be most helpful.

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