BISE Karachi 9th Class Result 2020


BISE Karachi 9th Class Result 2020

KARACHI:All the seven education boards of Sindh has announced the results of SSC on the basis of ninth and twelfth on the basis of eleventh. Prof. Dr. Saeeduddin, Chairman of the Secondary Education Board Karachi, has announced the results of the Annual Examination of the Ninth Class Science, General Group Regular and Private.

Chairman Board of Secondary Education, Karachi, Prof. Dr. Saeed-ud-Din, keeping in view the concerns of the students, has announced to open the verification section of mark sheets and certificates from Monday, June 8.

The Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi has announced 9th Class Result on 1st October 2020. One hundred 59 thousand 100 candidates registered in the science group As many as 54,991 candidates appeared in the examinations, out of which 4,910 candidates were absent.. 14,301 candidates registered for General Group Regular As many as 13,714 candidates appeared for the exam while 587 candidates were absent.

In addition, 8,280 candidates have registered in the Private General Group.7,649 candidates appeared for the exam while 879 candidates were absent.

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Despite spending billions of rupees annually on public schools in Sindh, scholarships to students and free distribution of textbooks to first-tenth grade students, the results of the Metro Board Karachi have opened the standard of public schools.

In this year’s Matriculation Annual Examination in Karachi this year, the results of the public schools have shown tremendous results. It should be noted that a total of 161882 students participated in the matriculation exams, out of which 110924 passed the exam. Students from 288 public schools in Karachi participated in the matriculation examination while 6949 private school students took the matriculation exam.

According to the results released by the Secondary Education Board, Karachi, the total number of students entering the matriculation exams is 10,924, but they comprise only 9% of the public schools. Out of 110924 children, only (10,855) students in public schools passed the matriculation exam. Among them, 1.7% received A grade, 11% A grade, 27.4 B grade, 37.6 C grade, 21.5 degrees D grade and 0.6 grade A grade. Interestingly, a total of 5,206 boys in the matriculation exams received A-grade, which includes only 26 boys in public schools. This is 0.4 percent of the total number of boys. The number is less than one percent.

Similarly, of the total number of candidates who passed the matriculation exams, 10688 students passed the A1 grade.It is to be noted that in the matriculation examinations, a total of 15894 students achieved A grade. The total number of A-grade students is only 1.0% of public-school students. A total of 174 students have received A-grades from public schools, and 1.7 percent of the total 10085 students attending public schools have taken A-grades.

According to statistics obtained by the “Express”, the 10085 students in the public schools who passed the matriculation exam include 5298 boys and 4787 girls. In addition, a total of 1110 students from public schools achieved A (A) grades in the matriculation exams, which include 258 boys and 852 girls. Eleven percent of the total number of public-passing public schools passed in grades. It should be noted that in the Matriculation results, a total of 30,608 students had passed the A-grade exams and the total number of students receiving public grades is 3.6%. The total number of boys receiving A grade is 13329 and the total number of girls is 17279. Thus, the overall number of boys receiving A-grade is 1.9 percent of the public-school boys, while the overall percentage of girls achieving A-grades is 4.9 percent.

Out of a total of 10085 children passing public schools in the annual matriculation exams in Karachi, 931 boys achieved B (B) grade while 1836 girls from public schools got B grade and 27.4% of the total students in government schools got a grade. I succeeded.

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A total of 3797 students of public schools passed in C grade and 37.6% of the total passing of public schools were successful in C Grade. ۔ In this way, 21.5% of the total number of students in government schools passed the test in grades. In these exams, a total of 4 students from public schools passed the “E” grade while 57 students passed the test in total. A total of 171 students passed the grade in the exams and 35.6 percent of the total students in the grade passed in public schools. A total of 20 students and 151 students passed the matriculation test in E-grades, while 0.6% of the total 10085 students passing public schools got an E-grade