Saturday , June 10 2023

Benazir Petrol Card Online Registration

Payments of Rs.2000 under Cheap Petrol / Cheap Diesel Scheme of Government of Pakistan have been started. To provide relief on petrol to the poor, the government has decided to introduce Benazir Petrol Card. It is proposed to provide petrol on Benazir Petrol Card at a discounted rate. Poor people will have to give targeted subsidy on petrol but they cannot subsidize the whole nation but at present there is no intention of immediate change in petrol prices.

In view of rising prices of petroleum products, the Government of Pakistan has started making payments of Rs.2000. The registered families of Benazir Kafalat are requested to receive the message of recovery from Benazir Income Support. All those who are not registered in Benazir Kifalat and have registered themselves by sending an SMS to 786 are requested to wait for the message of payment. You will receive a payment message shortly after the eligibility criteria.

Benazir Petrol Card Online Registration

All those who are facing delay in receiving reply SMS from 786 under Cheap Petrol Cheap Diesel Scheme. Please wait, you will receive a reply SMS as soon as possible, as we receive a large number of messages.

Benazir Petrol Card Online Registration

Benazir Petrol Card Online Registration

Benazir Petrol Card will be issued for low-income motorcyclists who will be able to refill cheap petrol in their motorcycles through benazir petrol card registration. Petroleum product subsidies, tax cuts, minimum wage increases, internships for educated unemployed, economic reforms.

Eligible households to apply under the Cheap Petrol Cheap Diesel Scheme by sending your ID card 786 Price SMS. Payments will also be made through BISP’s partner banks to a man who is not married / widowed in the family.

Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration

The Federal government of Pakistan has launched PM Ehsas Patrol Card Trough Ehsaas Program to facilitate the supply of petrol. Citizen will be given special discounts at Specific petrol pumps. The Younger in Pakistan mostly use motorcycles.

85% of petrol in the country is used by 40% of the richest families. Suggestions should be made to give scheme to motorcyclists. Women belonging to BISP will be included in the scheme automatically, 37% of the poorest people will benefit from this program. He will be paid immediately, he will get Rs 2,000 per month.

A one-time password will be provided to the customer to get cheap petrol from National Bank. The National Bank needs data on all motorcycles and cars to provide one-time passwords, but more than half of the motorcycles are not registered with the Excise and Taxation Department.

Monthly subsidy of Rs.2000 / – under cheap petrol cheap diesel scheme for 14 million low income families. Under the scheme, 8 million families of BISP besides 6 million additional families will also benefit. SMS your ID card number 786 to apply.
When will the issuance of Ehsaas Petrol Cards start and how much subsidy will be given on them?

Before the next budget, a pilot project of Benazir Petrol Card will be prepared. To avail the benefit of Relief Scheme, ID card number can be sent to 786 number. Whoever is eligible will be given immediate amount, he will get Rs 2,000 per month.
The government has decided to complete the period by August 2023, increase petroleum products and provide big relief package for motorcyclists and rickshaw pullers. The package will be given through BSP scheme, crores of people will benefit from the package.

The government has presented a summary of introducing a package to provide relief to motorcyclists and owners of small cars by charging Rs 75 per liter extra from the rich. In February, the Prime Minister had approved a subsidy on petrol by charging Rs 50 per liter more to the rich class owning vehicles above 800 cc to provide relief to motorcyclists and owners of cars up to 800 cc. The government plans to charge up to Rs 75 per liter extra from consumers who are already barely paying the record Rs 282 per litre.

The government is planning to give 25 liters of petrol in a month, but many motorcyclists and especially rickshaw owners spend more than that. How to get petrol?