Bank Of Punjab Car Fiance Scheme Cargar Features and Benefits

Bank of Punjab introduces BOP Car Lease Cargar Scheme for Government employees and businessmen in Pakistan. They will get their own Vehicle on low Downpayment and Short documents. Get Insurance and Payment installments for five years. You can apply for all unregistered local or foreign-manufactured / assembled vehicles.BOP CarGar Auto Leasing ranges from I year to 5 years depending upon your requirement.


Salaried Individuals (SI)
Self Employed Businessmen (SEB)
Self Employed Professionals (SEP)

Age:21 – 65 Years


Copy of CNIC
Latest Salary Slip
Employer Certificate
Bank Statement for the last 6 months
One Photograph
CNIC Copies of 2 references

Bank Of Punjab Car Fiance Scheme Cargar

The customer will have to pay a one-time processing fee (non-refundable). Processing Fee: Rs. 6,000/- per case Rs. 1,500/- for Motorcycles. The monthly installment should be deposited in your BOP Account on or before the 5th of every month. Down Payment will include processing/ documentation charges, first-year insurance premium, minimum lease key money and any other taxes/ duties applicable by the government

BOP Car lease Cargar Features and Benefits

Bank Of Punjab Cargar Auto Financing is assisting the small and large businessmen, salaried individuals in fulfilling their desire of having a car of their own, by helping them to purchase local/ imported new or used vehicles at very minimum documentation and flexible financing options with a low down payment. The Bank of Punjab was established in 1989 and it functions as a scheduled commercial bank, with a network of 284 branches in major business centers throughout the country.


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