AIOU Islamabad Download NOC Application Form

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad is a top rank and the international University of Pakistan which is recognized by HEC. A large number of Students get distance learning education from it and want to apply to various other educational institutions in Pakistan. They need NOC for admission which is mandatory to get a degree from the Universities of Pakistan.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad Download NOC Application Form

Educational institutions are working to streamline administrative procedures in this digital age. One of Pakistan’s top distance learning institutions, AIOU, understands the value of giving its students access to practical online tools. You may easily get the AIOU Islamabad NOC Application Form from their official website. You can acquire the essential document to move forward with your educational goals by following the easy steps outlined below.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad Download NOC Application Form


The NOC Application Form serves as a formal statement that you have received approval from your current university to continue your education somewhere else. If you’re applying for admission to another educational institution, domestically or abroad, this form is especially crucial. It attests to the fact that you have completed all duties and demands at your present institution and are now free to pursue your academic goals elsewhere.

Download AIOU No Objection Certificate Application Form

For both the applicant and the receiving institution, the NOC Application Form is important. It guarantees a smooth transition for the candidate and avoids any potential disputes or misconceptions over their leaving. The NOC Application Form confirms the applicant’s academic record for the receiving institution, confirming that they have satisfied the requirements for admission.

How to Apply For NOC of AIOU

You should apply for NOC to get admission to the respective University. You can Download N.O.C Form from the official Website of AIOU and fill it carefully with entering your name, father; name, Registration Number, mentioned your Programme in which you enrolled.

How Many Rupees of N.O.C Normal and Urgent Fee 

Fee Amount Rs.500 for Normal issuance by post or Rs.1000 in Pakistani Rupees for urgent which is handover to the candidates at main Campus of Allama Iqbal Open University, Date of Fee Submission with challan number of Prescribed ABL/MCB Bank Branch Name, write

Where We Send aiou N-O-C Application Form by Post

Postal address to receive it and Mobile phone number which is not converted to another network for the contract, at the end of application signatures of the application. Send it the given with the following documents which are described below on this page.

Address: NOC Section Gate Way Block No.25 Directorate of Students Advisory and Counseling Services AIOU Sector H-8 Islamabad.

For students wishing to continue their education overseas, obtaining the NOC Application Form from AIOU Islamabad is a crucial step. You can quickly download and complete the form by following the provided instructions, guaranteeing a smooth transition to your selected university. Keep copies of the completed form for your records and don’t forget to turn it in to the authorised office. You can start your educational path with assurance and peace of mind if you have the NOC in your possession.

Documents Required For NO Object Certificate (NOC)

  • DMC/Degree/PC Last past examination from the aiou
  • CNIC Copy
  • Original Bank Challan Deposit Slips

NOC is given to the student of AIOU Personal receive the same day and not given to another person by hand. University dispatches it by post for a normal basis after a week.