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AIOU Assignment Marks of Autumn & Spring Semesters 2022

ISLAMABAD: Educational activities have started in the country from today and classes from 10th to 12th class have been started in three provinces of the country. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Islamabad declared the result of AIOU Assignment Marks 2022 and all students can check online their AIOU Assignment Marks from the official website www.aiou.edu.pk.

BA Assignment mark autumn 2022 by roll no

If you get assignment marks aiou the semester of autumn 2022 in assignments then got better results and you can easily pass your exam with a good position. you can get the assignment aiou result autumn 2022 Allama Iqbal open university tutor detail spring 2022. aiou assignment marks semester spring 2022. f.a assignments mark spring 2022. Also, get aiou tutor information 2022 23 of ilama Iqbal open unewrsti. Check aiou assignment result autumn 2022.

Assignments Marks Detail for Semester Spring

How to Check Online AIOU Assignment Marks 2022

aiou assignment marks 2021 On this page, we tell you how to check your Assignments marks2020 of you free of cost of all programs. Bachelor’s degree programs students can check their AIOU BA Assignments Marks Autumn Semester 2020 here. You aiou Tutor prepared assignment marks from your given assignments which are sending by you after enrollment in any program of aiou and books are dispatched to your address with assignment questions.aiou assignment marks spring 2022 ba.

aiou assignment marks 2022

you solved it on papers and submit it in time and waiting for their result. You can check the online AIOU Assignment Marks Detail from aiou assignment Marks portal with the announcement by aiou.

Download Assignment Marks Correction Form 2022

Download Aiou Assignment Marks Correction Form 2022 is given here. Assignment marks are available for all semesters below after the last submission date of the second assignment. Also, the University does not update all course marks. aiou assignments mark spring 2022 matric online. aiou b.a. sem autumn 2022 assignment marks.

Online Exams of BA/B.Ed/Col. MBA programs, for Overseas Pakistani Students, Semester Autumn 2022

Online Exams for Semester Autumn 2022 through Learning Management System (LMS) of AIOU. The online exam of BA/B.Ed/Col. MBA programs have been scheduled with effect from 22nd May 2022. So if your course marks are not available below then you may directly ask your tutor or wait for a hard copy of the result card where your assignment marks are shown on agahi portal www.agahiportal.com assignment marks autumn.

Students Check Your Assignments Marks from these links. www.aiou.assignment mark bs spring 2022. assignment marks aiou autumn 2021.


Open the official website and click on the Assignment Marks link and enter Your Roll number the given link for full details are given after view minutes. Assessment comprises of two assignments, midterm, and final examination. aiou tutor information fa semester spring.aiou assignment result spring 2022.

AIOU Assignment Marks Autumn & Spring Semesters 2022

There are two assignments for each course. Each assignment has a weightage of 15% marks. Assignments are available to students on the website. The following procedure shall be observed for assignments. aiou exam date sheet b.a 2022.

For students of all B.Ed / M.Ed / MA / MSc / ADE programs by Allama Iqbal Open University and Jazz (MOBILINK) only from the Allama Iqbal Open University website and Jazz Company for LMS. (Weekly & Monthly) Internet package has been introduced so that students do not face internet problems. And students can easily upload their assignments on LMS. Details of the package and procedure are given in the picture below.

aiou assignments result b a

aiou assignments result b a announced. Allama Iqbal Open University has taken steps to alleviate the problems of all students. From next semester, students will be able to submit their admission fees through Jazz Cash. Did More details and methods will be posted soon.

weakly package *635#
Monthly package *636#

After December 3, 2022, registered students will not have a two-year MA, MSc degree confirmed. According to the available documents, the two-year MA / MSc degree is being phased out from 2021 onwards. Students pursuing a two-year MA / MSc degree after December 1, 2020, will not be recognized. The last time this degree was admitted was in the fall of 2020. A letter issued by the HEC to higher education institutions said that at the 31st meeting of the Higher Education Commission, it was decided that the two-year MA / MSc degree program has been terminated and Letters were sent to universities and institutions of higher learning on March 15, 2017. AAGHI LMS necessary instructions & specimen of undertaking (2 pages) & Date Sheet for online exams are attached herewith for information, training (how to create a pdf file) and arrangement of smartphone /PC with camera for online exams.

Educational institutions opened in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan, including the federal capital Islamabad, from today and formal educational activities began.

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