Actress Hina Rizvi got Married with Ammar Ahmed Khan

Karachi: Hina Rizvi, the younger sister of senior actress and director Sangeeta of the Pakistani showbiz industry, has tied the knot. Hina Rizvi, who starred in superhit dramas like ‘Quddusi Sahib Ki Bewah’, ‘Umaid’ and ‘Habas’, got married to Ammar Ahmed Khan.

Actress Hina Rizvi got Married with Ammar Ahmed Khan

Hina Rizvi tied the knot with Ammar Ahmed Khan

Hina Rizvi, 41, wore a beautiful golden maxi on the most special and big day of her life, while her groom Mian wore a vest with white kurta pajamas.

Senior actress Sangeeta, her family, a few close relatives, and friends attended the couple’s wedding ceremony, while the actress was very happy on her big day.

Hina Rizvi has acted in many Pakistani dramas following in the footsteps of her elder sister Sangeeta, her famous plays include ‘Fairy Tale’, ‘Bashar Momin’, ‘Umaid’, ‘College Gate’, ‘Bandish’ and ‘Destiny’, among others.

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