Thursday , February 9 2023

Ehsaas Complaint Portal Online Application Form

A new web portal has been launched for the convenience of those who are facing problems of biometric verification in Ehsas Emergency Cash Payments. Watch my informative video to learn how to submit your application on the portal

All applicants with biometric payment issues can now create applications by entering their CNIC and contact numbers on the portal. With online application submission, the portal automatically generates a unique reference number for each applicant. According to the principle-based procedure, applicants are kindly contacted at the required phone numbers during web applications.

Ehsaas Complaint Portal Online Application Form

اپنی درخواست پرمرحوم/ مرحومہ کا نام،شناختی کارڈ نمبر،نادرا سے تصدیق شدہ وفات سرٹیفیکیٹ اور مرحوم/ مرحومہ کے لواحقین میں سے مجوزه مستحق فرد کا نام ا ور شناختی کارڈ نمبردرج کریں اوراس پتے پرارسال کریں۔

ڈاکڻر ثانیہ نشتر

وزیراعظم کی معاون خصوصی برائے سماجی تحفظ و تخفیف غربت

ایف بلاک، پاک سیکرڻریٹ

اسلام آباد

تمام وفات پاجانے والے اہل افراد کے لواحقین اورانگلیوں کے نشانات کی بائیومیٹرک تصدیق کے مسائل سے دوچار افراد کو ادائیگیاں 30ستمبر2020 تک جاری رہیں گی۔

Ehsaas Complaint Portal Online Application Form

Ehsaas program complaint form online

Explains the process of applying for housing for the families of deceased beneficiaries. The heirs of the deceased beneficiaries will have to send written requests in the name of Dr. Sania Nishtar to facilitate the payment. Death certificate has been reviewed by NADRA. , And details of CNIC’s Ahl-e-Haq Waris direct offices at F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad. All applications received at EHASAS offices are being registered and examined in accordance with the agreed protocol and formal responses will be returned to all concerned soon.

Ehsaas Complaint Portal Online Registration Procedure

Ehsas Emergency Cash Eligible Applicants, an online portal has been introduced under the banner of Ehsan. Payments to the families of deceased beneficiaries and those facing biometric verifications will continue until September 30.

How to complaint about PM Ehsaas Cash Program in Pakistan

Eligible individuals who have problems with biometric fingerprint verification should enter their ID card number. On your application, enter the name of the deceased, ID card number, NADRA certified death certificate and the name of the proposed deserving person from the family of the deceased and the ID card number and send to this address.

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Payments will continue until September 30, 2020, to the relatives of all deceased persons and to those with problems with biometric verification of fingerprints. All those with Biometric Challenges who apply through this new application portal will receive new transfer messages from 8171 service with date and bank branch details and this process will be expedited across the country to facilitate easy payment. is being done