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Punjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser past papers

Punjab Medical Faculty Core Course resultPunjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser past papers

Lahore: Punjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser class current and previous papers which are taken from Past papers.

Punjab medical faculty dispenser class past papers from 2007 to 2014.


Paper-A (Session June-2010)DownloadPaper-B (Session June-2010)DownloadPaper-A (Session August-2009)DownloadPaper-B (Session August-2009)DownloadPaper-A (Session December-2008)DownloadPaper-B (Session December-2008)DownloadPaper-A (Session February-2008)DownloadPaper-B (Session February-2008)DownloadPaper-A (Session June-2007)DownloadPaper-B (Session June-2007)Download



Attempt any Five questions All questions carry equal marks.

Q 1: Write a short note

  1. a) Acetyl Sabcylic acid b)   Opium

‘ c) Caffeine    d) Alcohol

Alcohol 6 Caffeine (£, Opium Acetyl Salicylic acid 0

Q 2: Describe Antacide and there group Name most commonly used antacid m tab and syrup form and their action.

Q 3: What do you understand by the term Purgative. How they are administered?

Q 4 What is the combine therapy of tuberculosis Why this regime is earned out GNe at least two st >

Q 5:’ Write down the emergency management of a case of dog bite. Which vaccine Is administered for
rabies and Its route of administration.

Q 6: What do you understand by the word Diarrheal disease How can they be controlled?

Q 7: a) Define Antibiotics.


  1. b) Write short notes on
  2. I) Streptomycin I) Chloroquine

III) Insulin

Dispenser Examination (Paper B)

Time Allowed 03 00 Hour*     Maximum Marks 100

Pass Marks    SO

Q No 8 is compulsory Attempt any five questions from remaining seven questions

0 No 1 What is meant by Antibiotic write types and toxic effects of Antibiotics what precautions should be taken for us administration 16

Q No 2 Give usage dosage and important toxic effects of the followings

  1. Metronidazole Inj. 2. Streptomycin Inj 3 Isomazid INH Tab

4 DegoxmTao   5 Saibutamol Tab   6 Heparin Inj

7 Insulin Inj 8 Aspirin Tab (,2.2,2.2)

O No 3 Write the names of drugs used m peptic ulcer, also write their doses and toxic effects (6.5.5)

Q No 4 Write the drugs used for the treatment of

1 RoundWorm   2 HookWorm

3 TapeWorm    4 Amebiasis   (4,4.4 4)

Q No 5 Write a note on following drugs with their uses toxic effects and dosage
1 Thiazide Diuretic 2 Gentecin inj

3 Gnsofulvm Tab    4 Amoxicillin Cap  (

Q No 6 a) Write the drugs used in Bronchial asthma with dosage and toxic effects 8
b) Descr be the adverse (toxic) effects of the following
1 Chloremphemcal   2 Dexamethasone

3 Cotnmaxazoie 4 Methyl dopa (2,2,2.2)

Q No 7 a)

b) Write the name of cephalosporin & their dosage and the toxic effects 8

Name tne Aminoglycosides their dosage, uses and toxic effects 8

Q No 8 Define purgative in detail write note on the followings

  1. Bulk purgative 2 Stimulant laxative 3. Faecal softer laxative

4 Osmotic purgative 5 Bowl cleaning laxative    (5,3,3.3,3,3)







Attempt any five questions. Ail questions carry equal marks

Q 1; Write down different routes of administration of Drugs in detail

Q 2: Write down different Parts of the Digestive System and also their functions Draw and label the
diagram of Digestive System

Q 3: How Typhoid Fever is spread What is its treatment? What are different measures to prevent its speed

Q 5: What is normal Stood Pressure How Is It taken. Write down the situations in which Blood
Pressure is decreased

Q 6: a) Name important articles of the Emergency tray.

  1. b) What do you understand by C.P.R (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). How it is done

Q 7. Define Dehydration Name the Conditions which result in Dehydration? How a case of Dehydration
is managed

Q 4: Write short notes on the following.

  1. a) Abstract Register  b)   Expense Register
  2. c) Sterilization by heat d) Vaccinator Schedule

Q No 1 is compulsory Attempt arty five questions from remaining seven questions

0 No 1 Write a note on the followings
I.   Pharmacopoeia

  1. Alkaloios

iii     Anti Gout

  1. Anti Tussive

Q . No 2 Write down tne management of a patient suffering from Acute Gastro Enteritis

Q No 3 a) Classify the drugs used in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitis

  1. b) What advice you will give to a Diabetic Patient for his foot care

Q No 4 a) Draw and label the diagram of the Digestive system

  1. b) Name the juices which are added to food in the stomach for digestion

Q . No 5 a) Name all the registers maintained at RHC

  1. b) Draw and label various columns of a medico legal register

Q No 6 Write a detail note on-

  1. a) Medical Dental Ordinance
  2. b) Drug Act

Q No 7 a) How’s patient develops pulmonary Tuberculosis

  1. b) Write down a prescription for the treatment of a patient suffering from

Pulmonary Tuberculosis                     08

Q No 8 Write down the signs & symptoms of morphine poisoning.
Write down us treatment ______

08 ♦08


Q1 what do you know about, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, How it is Spread,
what is its prevention .Name Drugs used in its treatment.

-Q.2 Namo different Parts of Gastrointestinal System . Write down their Functions.

  1. 3 Write down Management of a Case of Dog Bite .

Q.4 Write down the Procedure for storage of different drugs in the Pharmacy

-jA A     t? JZ J*yi / jSf 4 Ad*

  1. 5 Write down management of a case of acute diarrhea. what is ORS. How it is proparod.
  2. 6 Write Note on (1) Hepatitis ( 2) H.M.I.S (Health management Information System )

Q 7 Write down duties of a Dispenser at R H. C