Friday , December 9 2022

Zong Timepey offer

Timepey offer by Zong

Using Timepey Money Transfer, you can now send and receive money to and from family, friends, etc from any Timepey shop in the most efficient, secure and convenient way. You do not need to have a ZONG connection or to have a mobile phone at all. The best thing about the service is that any person in Pakistan can use this product and that no registration is required.

Timepey offer by zong

Any person with a need to send money from one city to another can use this service from any Timepey shop. For example, household staff, drivers, guards, etc. can all now send their monthly salaries home to their families from urban cities to rural villages. Similarly, parents can send funds to their children at educational institutions in other cities for tuition fee and monthly allowances.