Sunday , June 11 2023

Yamaha Motors New Model YBR 125 AND 125G Motorcycle Prices 2023

Yamaha company has increased the prices of motorcycles by Rs. 13,000 in one go. The price of YB125ZDX has been increased by Rs. 14,000 after which the price has increased from Rs. 175,500 to Rs. 190,000. The price of YBR 125 has been increased by Rs 15,000. The price of YBR 125 is now Rs 1,96,000 as against Rs 1,081,000 earlier.

Yamaha Motors Pakistan has launched the new Model YB125Z 2023 Model with the Latest graphic stickers in Pakistan. The new YB125Z comes with breathtaking features, starting from their wider seat which is designed especially for pillion riding, to avoid a lot of vibrations there is an engine balancer.

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Not just this, but it has new and improved halogen headlights and features a self-starting mechanism for all motorcyclists. There are many more countless features the bike has to offer.

Yamaha 2023 motorcycles Pakistan yamaha new model 2019 in pakistan

Yamaha Motors Pakistan YB125Z New Model 2022

Yamaha YB125Z 2022 Model in Blue, Red, and Black with New Sticker and gear shifting should be smoother and easier than the competitor’s bikes. Price Rs: 136,500 in Pakistan.


Yamaha Introduced this family traveler motorcycle YB125Z. fuel tank graphic is an attractive visual worthy of a Yamaha motorcycle. The new bike has also been launched along with an exclusive and all-new TVC. It highlights the main features that make the new YB125Z much more interesting.

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New Yamaha YB125Z is available in Three-color like Blue, Red, and Black.

Price in Pakistan

Rs: 146,500/-

Yamaha YBR 125 New Model Motorcycle in Pakistan Features and Price

Yamaha Motors delivered YBR 125 in three alluring colorations i.e. Red, Black, and Blue. The bike is outfitted with a single cylinder 4 stroke air cooled SOHC engine with 05 transmissions. The enterprise has mounted a thirteen ltr gas tank to make certain that rider continue their riding with minimal fuel fill-up delays even on lengthy journeys.