World Heart day 2014

World Heart Day 2014
World Heart day 2014 on Monday 29th September 2014

World Heart Day is celebrated in all over the world on Monday 29th September 2014.Heart disease is the world’s number one killer, claiming over 17.3 million lives a year across the globe. But there are so many steps that you can take to reduce your risk. 

The world heart day is magniloquent day and Parable of house which is healthy and away from evils and vices like Paralysis,heart attack ,cholera,typhoid,cancer,hypertension etc.

Healthy Heart – Healthy Home

It is that day which dilates upon the pure nutrients which is a source of healthy and perfect diet and heart is complete with the pure food which is perfect and powerful mean of healthy diet like fruit after lunch and diner essential component of diet.

Stop Smoking

Devoid of Smoking yourself and from other in the house ,village and even in the entire society because it causes heart and cancer ailments according to ministry of health

Healthy Heart- Healthy Society 

Serve time in watching T.V at limited level  in home and perform healthy actives in house like cycling ,gardening etc.

Save your life like heart which is packed in various cardiac layers and gives life to man in the form of energy and oxygen.

Healthy Heart -Healthy Nation

Take council with specialists of heart and discussed about your problems like glucose quantity,cholesterol and body mass etc.

Check continuing heart problems by consulting physician & Surgeon. Heart is assembled with the society because in evils & vices are abolished then society becomes pure scene is the case with heart.

When heart is OK ,the whole structure is body is OK.To keep if better daily exercise and display of Saba is essential because in school and colleges ,health care centers established in them to tame kids and offspring about heart problems and diseases.

Better environment like moorland and greenery territory and terrace near the lake or sea is also a source of healthy heart because trees pave you fresh oxygen which is the pert and parcel of life and it is more better for heart and heart patient like fresh fruit and food which is a necessary components of healthy diet.

Do not utilize food in early by buying from market because it is sometimes full of dust and allergic elements and sometime mosquito and flies covers the food this food is used by us and all the diseases injected in us.we must be saved from them with healthy heart.

We make collective efforts to cope with or uproot diseases or ailments then we can make a healthy and prosperous society or world like pure heart which is a essential component of body to sustain physical fitness of human beings.