Warid Bakra Selfie Competition on Eid ul Azha


Warid Bakra Selfie Competition Result
Warid Bakra Selfie Competition 2015 to get Samsung Mobile

Warid Telecom of Pakistan present new Bakra Selfie Competition 2015 for their Customers.You can upload your selfies with your Special animals’ (goats, cows, camels etc.) on WAP and APP and get a chance to win Samsung Mobile. The winners will be decided on the basis of maximum number of votes. So what are you waiting for , start uploading the pictures now.

Charges details:SMS on 1005 for vote will be charged @ Rs.5+t/SMS for both Postpaid & Prepaid.Islamic Application is free & customers will be charged as per their data bundle or default charging.Please visit google play store to download APP or visit www.bakraselfie.comThis App is only for Android users.

Download Bakra selfie from Google Appstore

Application namely “Bakra selfie” downloadable from Google Appstore, for sharing of photographs of sacrificial animals (“Photograph”) by Warid Customer(s) subscribing in this new service (the “Customers”) whether with or without the photos of the Customers. Once the Customer shall upload the Photograph, the other Customers may like the Photograph by voting on the Photograph.

Winner of Bakra selfie :

The Photograph getting the maximum votes shall be declared the winner at the end of the Term of the Service. The Customers may vote on the Photographs uploaded through the WAP and/or Application at their own and the Vote shall charge the voting Customer for Rs. 5 plus applicable taxes.

The Service is launched to increase the fun and entertainment of the Customers during the days of Eid-ul-Azha. The Service shall be launched from 20th September and shall be available till 30th September 2015.

Warid may terminate/discontinue the Service at any time during the Term of Service mentioned above; however the Customer shall be intimated in accordance with the applicable laws before the termination/discontinuation date. After the termination/discontinuation of the Service or expiry of Term of Service, Warid bears no obligation towards the Customer.

Warid lucky draw of Samsung Galaxy Prime as eid gift on Eid ul Azha

The Customer of winning Photograph shall be given Samsung Galaxy Prime as eid gift (“Eid Gift”).In case two or more Photographs shall get the same number of votes the Customer eligible for receiving the above mentioned Eid Gift shall be decided through the lucky draw between the Customers who’s Photographs would have obtained the similar number of highest votes. 4.3       After the expiry or termination/discontinuation of the Service, any user who sends SMS on the short code 1005 in relation to the Service will not be included in the list of users for the Mobile Hand Set winner.

The Eid Gift may be awarded after 60 days from the expiry of Term of Service The Eid Gift will be subject to applicable Taxes before being handed over to the winning Customer, and the non-payment of such taxes by the winning Customer within the period specified in paragraph 5.8 (i.e. 15 days from the intimation to the winning Customer of his winning the Eid Gift) shall be deemed refusal from the winning Customer to receive the Eid Gift and in such case the Eid Gift shall be passed to the next runner up as mentioned in paragraph 5.9 in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

How to get Warid Bakra Selfi Prize 

The winning Customer shall be required to produce his original CNIC for verification of his antecedents from Warid record and after verification such Customer shall be given the Eid Gift. If the Customer shall not be a registered Customer having valid agreement with Warid for availing Warid’s cellular services, the Customer shall not be eligible for receiving the Eid Gift.

Warid reserves the right to disqualify any Customer to receive the Eid Gift if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Customer breached any provision of the Terms and Conditions and/or his agreement with Warid for availing Warid’s cellular services or the CSAF

The winning Customer shall be contacted by Warid through 321 (not from any other number) and such Customer shall undertake in writing that he is, the lawful owner of the SIM and MSISDN (cell number), is entitled to receive the Eid Gift and in case of any claimant disputing the receiving of such Eid Gift he shall be responsible for the settlement of such dispute and shall indemnify Warid in full regarding such dispute (including but not limited to all cost, expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Warid in relation thereto)

The winning Customer shall provide all the documents required by Warid including a Disclaimer stating that he is not disqualified under Clause 6.11 to receive the Eid Gift.

The Customer agrees that Warid may use the photographs, videos and audio recordings taken at the time of Eid Gift distribution, communication happened/exchanged during contact by Warid for intimation to the winning Customer and other information including names, surnames etc in Warid’s advertisements of the Service without any further/prior/specific consent for such purpose. The consent given here and the incorporation of any contents/information in the advertisement of the Service shall not entitle the Customer for any remuneration/amount in any manner. If a winning Customer later becomes disqualified under these Terms and Conditions to receive the Eid Gift, then any release of advertisement about his winning shall not create any obligation/responsibility on Warid in favour of such Customer either related to the Eid Gift or to any social, financial or other exposure in this regard

Notwithstanding the lucky draw mentioned above, Warid will select up to 3 runners-up for the Eid Gift.  If the notified winner Customer shall not respond within fifteen (15) days from the notification or disqualified or refuses the Eid Gift or fails to appear to collect it within 15 calendar days (the “Grace Period”) of the notification/intimation, then Warid will contact the next runner-up and so on, and declare such runner up Customer the winner of the Eid Gift. After the lapse of the Grace Period, the claim from winning Customer/runner up shall not be entertained regardless to the reason of such delay/lapse without any limitation

The Customer shall collect the Eid Gift from Warid’s premises as directed by Warid in its sole discretion and the Customer shall bear all the travelling expenses by himself.

The winner cannot assign or transfer the its right to receive the Eid Gift. The Customer acknowledges that Warid shall not be responsible/liable for any loss, injuries or damages of any kind caused to the Customer by or resulting from the Service, the participation in the competion, acceptance or receiving the Eid Gift, or disqualification to receive the Eid Gift including without limitation on account of lapse of Grace Period.

The Customer acknowledges that the decisions made by Warid shall be final and binding on him.