Wagah Border Lahore Rangers Parade on 14th August 2024

LAHORE: National flag hoisting ceremony is held every evening at Wagah border, on this occasion there is a battle of passion between the jawans of Pakistan Rangers Punjab and BSF India which people from all over the country come to Wagah border to witness. The enthusiasm and passion of the people can be seen here, on national festivals and holidays, there is no place to sit in the Wagah Stadium.

The armed force of Pakistan Rangers took part in the flag hoisting parade, on this occasion the enthusiasm of the Rangers as well as the people and the loud slogans were unparalleled.

Wagah Border Lahore Rangers Parade on 14th August 2024

Watch Wagha Border Lahore Live Rangers Parade Ceremony on Sunday 14th August 2024. Pakistan Independence Day 2023 will be celebrated on Monday, August 14, 2023. Watch the full video of Wagah Border Lahore Rangers Parade & Flag Ceremony on Monday, 14th August 2023 Complete Ceremony Celebration here. The joint parade on the Wagah border began in 1959.

The flag-hoisting ceremony at the Wagah border is held every evening, which is witnessed by a large number of spectators on both sides, while the armies of both the countries also display a magnificent parade.

lahore wagah border parade timings

Wagah Border Lahore Parade & Flag Ceremony Schedule:

You can Watch Online Wagha Border 14 August 2024 Live Parade Ceremony from Lahore Punjab. You can also see the live Pakistan Independence Day(14th August) 2024 Parade on Dailymotion. Most of the citizens who came to watch the parade from different parts of the country said that they had come for the first time, before that they had seen the parade only on TV screens. Here the feeling of love for the country and Pakistan forces is highlighted, the feeling that we are Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan or Kashmiri is erased, we feel only Pakistani, we feel proud that we are Pakistani.

Wagah Border Lahore Parade & Flag Ceremony in Morning, & Evening time.

Flag-lowering ceremony would be apprehended at the border daily at 05:30 pm in the evening and previously it was being held at 5:00 pm. It will be changed due to climate at the Wagah border in Lahore. Wagah border will be hoisted in the morning while the flag hoisting ceremony will be held in the evening. A special squad of Rangers will perform the traditional parade. Sweets, gifts and goodwill will be exchanged between the border forces of Pakistan and India.

Wagah Border Lahore Rangers Parade Terrific Plan on 14th August 2024

Wagah Border Lahore Rangers Parade Terrific Plan on 14th August 2023. The unfurling of the national flag and the parade on the eastern border of Pakistan started in 1959 and continues even today. Young people, old people, women, children and foreigners come here every day to watch this parade.

This parade on the border of Pakistan and India is famous all over the world. An hour and a half before the parade starts, the stadium fills with spectators. On this occasion, chants of Milli songs are heard while fans raise slogans. The enthusiasm of the parade watchers is palpable.

Pakistan Flag Ceremony at Ganda Singh Wala border:

Pakistan Flag Ceremony also organized at Ganda Singh Wala border on 14th August 2023. You can get a Free entry pass from Azadi Chowk, Allah Ho Chowk Jahar Town, Liberty Chowk, Moon Market Gulshan Ravi.

Free Pass Timing for Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony:

You can get Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony Free Pass from 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM.Wagah border Pakistan live parade. We must show this parade to our children so that they can see how Pakistan Rangers Punjab and our forces are making sacrifices to protect the country.

Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony timing:

Wagah Border Parade Flag Ceremony will start at 05:00 PM at Ganda Singh & Waga Border. With the restoration of colors on the Wagah border after a gap of two years, Pakistan Day celebrations will also be celebrated in a grand manner. Special jawans of Punjab Rangers are selected in the parading troop, preference is given to tall and agile jawans. This squad consists of 28 youths.

At the start of the parade, when the troop arrives at the stadium, two Lady Rangers walk ahead of the troop. The Parade Commander initiates the parade after taking permission from the Wing Commander. Rangers warm up before the parade begins.

A Rangers jawan in the parade said that he is 6 feet 8 inches tall and belongs to Kasur. He runs 7 to 8 kilometers daily in the morning along with his other colleagues and then has X-size. Mutton is given for breakfast while milk is drunk in the evening.

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