Vehicle Verification & Registration Online Apply in Pakistan

Online vehicle verification system is a very useful system for the citizens, through which they can be protected from any legal issues while buying the vehicle. Moreover, if the citizens get the vehicle verification from the Punjab Police and Excise Department. , can also avoid deception and fraud while buying a car through this.

Vehicle Verification & Registration Online Apply in Pakistan

A fixed income tax of Rs 165,000 will also be levied on annual income of Rs 24 lakh. In the budget, income tax has been increased from 25% to 27.5% on income up to 36 lakh rupees per annum. A fixed income tax of Rs 4 lakh 35 thousand will also be levied on income up to Rs 36 lakh per annum. Income tax has been increased from 32.5% to 35% on annual income of more than 60 lakhs. A fixed income tax of Rs 10 lakh 95 thousand has also been imposed on annual income of more than 60 lakhs.

The excise fee on the registration of automobiles with a displacement of more than 2000 cc has been raised in the forthcoming budget 2023–24. A fixed tax of 6% was levied on the value of 2500 cc vehicles starting in 2001 in the forthcoming budget. The tax on registering 2500 cc automobiles used to be Rs 1.5 lakh for filers and Rs 3 lakh for non-filers starting in 2001.

Vehicle Verification & Registration Online Apply in Pakistan

A fixed fee of 8% has been imposed in the budget on the registration of automobiles with displacements between 2501 and 3000 cc. The tax on registration of 2501–3000 cc automobiles used to be Rs 2 lakh for filers and Rs 4 lakh for non–filers. A fixed fee of 10% has been imposed in the budget on the registration of vehicles with a displacement of more than 3000 cc. Before, filers paid Rs 2.5 lakh in registration taxes for vehicles with engines larger than 3000 cc while non-filers paid Rs 4.5 lakh.

How to Check Status of Car:

You can send SMS from your mobile phone with your car’s chase number to 8521 you will know if your car is not stolen.

Vehicle Verification Registration Online

The public may now verify their car or motorcycle registration online without visiting government offices thanks to a new service that the Punjabi government has implemented. By using this government service, the general public can also register their cars and motorcycles online without having to leave their city. This service is made available to consumers by Punjab Excise & Taxation, and it allows them to register their automobiles online while at home. In Pakistan, every owner of a vehicle can check their vehicle’s verification and registration online.

Vehicle Verification & Registration Online Apply in Pakistan

The Excise Department has provided various website links for the provinces, through which the citizens can verify their vehicle. These links are as follows:

For Punjab

For Sindh

For Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

For Islamabad

The online vehicle verification system has not been introduced by the Balochistan government.

MTMIS Online Vehicle Verification and Registration:

You may now quickly check your car registration status and owner verification online on your computer at home thanks to the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department’s announcement of the Online Punjab car Registration and Owner Verification System. The information and process to check quickly are provided below.

Entering the vehicle number and registration on the official Punjab Vehicle Verification Online website of MTMIS Punjab is the only step in the straightforward online vehicle verification process. The Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS Punjab) allows for online vehicle registration and verification. Punjab, Sindh, and KPK are the current regions where MTMIS is accessible.

For the benefit of the provincial, federal, and local governments, Punjab’s Excise & Taxation Department is the province’s main tax collection organization. In the blocks below, you must enter the information about your vehicle, then click on “Search Vehicle.”

Online Islamabad vehicle verification:

Islamabad On MTMIS Islamabad, citizens can check the status of their vehicle verification online. An official website is Islamabad Excise And Taxation Online Vehicle Verification Registration. Check Online Owner Registration Car and Motorcycle Record by MTMIS Excise for Punjab Vehicles

You can download all the essential forms for new car registration from this page or pick them up at the information desk inside the Excise Department, Islamabad. An information desk or online link can be used to compute the fee.

Punjab Vehicle Verification Online:

Online car verification in Lahore and Punjab, as well as online vehicle registration

online vehicle verification Sindh:

This facility is now available on the official website of the Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department of the Sindh government, making it simpler to acquire property tax bills or challans. Online vehicle verification Sindh is available for both four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles. In the appropriate column, type the registration number.


After proper verification, a motor vehicle is registered by being entered into the relevant records. Vehicle registration is required by law and is crucial to establishing ownership of a vehicle. Additionally, it is necessary for the sale of a car and the transfer of ownership. In Sindh, there are currently about 2.6 million registered vehicles, and that figure is rising daily.

i. Every motor vehicle that is registered in a district and pays a registration fee is subject to a motor vehicle tax.

ii. The Sindh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act of 1958 and the Motor Vehicle Rules of 1959 govern the yearly motor vehicle tax.

online vehicle verification Karachi:

Every vehicle, whether it is used for business or for personal purposes, must be registered and given a registration number, registration book, and number plate. Through computerised methods and authorised online National Bank branches connected to the main server at Civic Centre Karachi, vehicle registration and tax collection are carried out. Additionally connected to the regional Directorates, Excise and Taxation in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, and Mirpurkhas is the Civic Centre Karachi computer system.

online vehicle verification kpk:

You can check on the excise and VAT KPK Peshawar website. On January 1, 2021, all records will be accessible online, and all car registrations will take place on the same day.

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