Monday , September 16 2019

Veena Malik’s Facebook page & twitter account hacked

Veena Malik’s Facebook page & twitter account hackedVeena Malik’s Facebook page & twitter account hacked

KARACHI: Veena Malik’s digital manager Prashanth Singh informative her has posted some controversial photographs on her hacked Facebook page and twitter account.

Veena Malik said that Prashanth was blackmailing her for extortion of money and economical reputation. “He is a liar, his allegations are baseless, he was like her brother, he used to love me like his sister”, Veena said.

She said that she was quite busy after her marriage and, therefore, could not change the password of the social website account. Prashanth was my employee on a salary of Rs10, 000, he was an Indian citizen, and he should live within his limit besides she claimed she had given him an advance amount of Rs3, 00,000.

Veena Malik said she reserves the right to take legal action against Prashanth. It was improper for an Indian citizen to blame a married woman. “She is quite happy with her husband, he is a Pathan, he knows how to protect me,” she said.

She further said that she has opened her new twitter account. Veena Malik’s spokesman said that Prashanth has started posting improper things on the website. Prashanth was working for the promotion of Veena Malik and he has turned against her.

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