Tuesday , November 12 2019

Veena malik will marry with Muslim Man

Veena malik will marry with Muslim ManVeena malik will marry with Muslim Man Dubai Based

Dubai: Pakistani Drama Queen Veena Malik Will marries a Muslim man who lives in Dubai. In an interview, the ‘item girl’ had said that she would get married in year 2015. In a question that asked if she would marry some ‘Sheikh’ the royals in the Saudi and UAE kingdom, she replied that she is not sure if she would get married to some royal ruler but her life partner would be Dubai based. Further stating she talked about her long stay in Dubai, place where she has been living for quite a long time and looking for a Dubai citizen bride groom.

About tie wedding knots Veena said that she would follow the Islamic rituals to live a happy married life. I have my family members who got married restricting themselves to the rituals and they are leading a good life, she added

In reply to a question about her affair with the Bollywood Hindu Actor Ashmit Patel, the diva said that he was her past and she does not believe in getting married to him.

Veena presenting her views about her comparison to the Indian origin Canadian porn star, Sunny Leon, she said that she is incomparable to her. Veena said that she has acting skills and has earned reputable position because of her good work. Hence, the two shall not be discussed at same standard.