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Valentine day 14th February 2017

Valentine day 14th February 2017

Valentine day will be observed all over the world on Tuesday 14th February 2017. Valentine’s Day is a Special day for young man to love are expressed.

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What is Valentine’s Day and How did this begin?

There are many traditions about valentine day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by boyfriends and special day is celebrated as the festival.Valentine’s Day is the start of a Roman festival. Ancient Roman man of her friends up on the occasion of the festival, he went on the sleeves of their shirts. Sometimes the couple had exchanged gifts. Later, when the festival of St. then being celebrated as’ VILLAIN town has retained some of its traditions. It was considered important day for anyone who was looking for companions or Rafika life. This is attributed to an ambitious woman of the seventeenth century he VILLAIN Tyne Day evening will see my future husband, I dream to do that stitches the address with your pillow before going to sleep was his idea. Later, people started to place gifts valentine cards.

Happy Valentine day 14th February 2017:

Pakistan passion to celebrate this day for the last two years has been growing enthusiasm among young people, but the atmosphere here is not as favorable in Europe and frequently part of Valentine’s Day to do evil. Here the events of the day imagine the end of the nineties because of the special radio and TV broadcasts. In urban areas, there is the sale of the cards stool contamination gets several hundred fold increase in sales