Wednesday , February 1 2023

PMF Vaccinator’s Special Examination result 2023

Punjab Medical Faculty has announced the results of examinations for vaccinators. According to the spokesperson of the health department, a total of 1042 candidates took part in the examination. Diplomas were also released online.

Punjab Medical Faculty has announced the result of the Special Examination of Vaccinators and the Re-checking application submission deadline is 10 August 2023.

PMF Vaccinator’s Special Examination result 2023


Theory Papers of Supplementary Examinations should be held on 4th April 2023 and practical Examinations will be held from 5th April 2021 to 9th April 2023.

The vaccinator’s special examination result was announced. Click here to see the detail.

Vaccinator’s special examination results in 2023

Vaccinators and CDC Supervisor’s next test will be on 20 September 2023. With a regular admission fee of Rs 2,000 preacher filing deadline is 17 August 2023. Single Entry forms with a late fee of Rs 2,500 preacher date to submit is 20 August 2022.

Entry fee preacher doubles late fee of Rs 4000 to 2020 with the submission deadline of 24 August.

Note. 24 August 2022 will not be charged any admission. Supplementary paramedical examinations (Old Scheme and the New Scheme) dated 2022 will be held on September 21.

Punjab Medical Faculty affiliated with the list of public and private institutions Click here to see.

Punjab Medical Faculty of the September 2014 session and all previous sessions of the certificates have been issued. Tlbaaur students who have not yet graduated from the Medical Faculty of the Punjab branch Certification Contact.

Punjab Medical Faculty of the dispenser and dental technician exam old scheme will be on September 22. After that, there will be no examination of the old scheme.