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University of Sargodha(UOS) Admission 2017

University of Sargodha(UOS) Admission 2017

University of Sargodha has open admission in Main Campus and Constituent College in various programs.

Admission Notice 2017;

UOS Admission in Main Campus & Constituent College open

UOS Admission Fall 2017

Admission Form 2016-17:

All students can get Online Applications forms from official website of UOS


Each candidate has to submit the application on the prescribed form. Separate application form is required for each category.
The application should be duly filled in by the candidate in his/her own handwriting in block letters with BLACK INK or BALLPOINT. Fill all the columns and write “Not Applicable” if column is irrelevant.
O/A level candidate should mention equivalent Marks Obtained and Maximum Marks in the Admission Form awarded by the Inter Boards Committee, Islamabad.
If a candidate is admitted on the basis of statements made in the above application and subsequently it is found that any of the statements was false, the candidate shall not be admitted and if admitted, he/she will be expelled from the University and all fee and other dues paid by him/her to the University upto that time shall be forfeited. The student and his/her father/guardian would also be liable to any further departmental or legal action that the University may deem fit to take.
The University Administration has the right to fine, suspend, rusticate, relegate or terminate the studentship of the student who found guilty of:
i. Saying or doing anything which might adversely affect the honour and prestige of Pakistan, or University and teachers and his/her educational institution;
ii. Willfully and deliberately damage or misuse the University property;
iii. Non possession of Student Identity Card in the vicinity of the University;
iv. Providing fake documentary proof for Medical Certificate, Fee Concession, ID card etc.;
v. Failing to submit the Fee/Dues within the stipulated time frame;
vi. Smoking in the Classroom, Laboratory, Workshop, Library and Examination Hall;
vii. Forming or associating with, an Organization/Society/Club, or any other body, promoting caste distinctions and inciting parochial/linguistic/regional feeling;
viii. Organizing or holding any function within the precincts of the University except in accordance with the prescribed Rules and Regulations;
ix. Collecting money or receiving donations or pecuniary assistance for or on behalf of the University or any University Organization except with written permission of the Competent Authority;
x. Staging inciting or participating in, a walkout, strike or any other form of agitation which
might create or is likely to create law and order problem for the University and affect or is likely to affect its smooth functioning;
xi. Indulging in immoral activities, using indecent language, making indecent remarks, jokes or gestures or behaving in an improper manner;
xii. Keeping or carrying weapons, narcotics, immoral or subversive literature; and
xiii. Using insulting or abusive language or resort to violence against a fellow student or employee of the University.
xiv. Wearing immodest dress.
WARNING: Incomplete application will not be processed.