Tuesday , November 19 2019

Ufone’s Annt Month offer for Pakisatnis

Ufone  latest Annt Month Offer

Ufone’s Annt Month offer for Pakisatnis

Ufone had announced new Ufone’s Annt Month offer for Pakistanis.

Ufone offering monthly offer in which you can get free SMS, MMS as well as free internet all these services only in 250 per month. This thirty day offer also called Annth Month offer.

There are fairly large number of data packages available in Pakistan, offered by different cellular companies in the country. These wrap ups separately consist either SMS plans or internet packages alone offered at certain rates.

But now there is a single package” Annt Month” offered by Ufone which includes SMS, MMS and also internet and has eased up the problems of the users. those customers who want to enjoy the SMS, MMS and internet bundle, would not have to subscribe separately for each of them. All they have to do is to subscribe a single package and problem is solved for the whole month.

How much does it cost?

Surprisingly, the price for an unlimited bundle package of SMS, MMS and internet data is only PKR 250/- with no hidden charges as Ufone claims.

How to subscribe Annt Month Offer?

One will have to dial *5506# from your mobile and you will charge up once and no bothers for entire month.

By one time payment of just Rs. 250 you can enjoye unlimited SMS, MMS and Mobile Internet for the entire month.
How to Subscribe:

How to Subscribe:

You can Subscribe by Dialing *5506# for a one-time cost and no hidden charges.
Rs. 250 per month

Terms and Conditions

The word Unlimited for this package means a bulk of 5000 SMS and MMS each plus 1.5 GB of internet data. I believe this is a fairly handsome plan in this price, what do you feel?