Monday , September 16 2019

Ufone Uwatch wearable Mobile watch Price In Pakistan

Ufone Uwatch wearable Mobile watch

Ufone Telecom Of Pakistan introduced New Uwacth which will provide you the Location of Your Child. You Also Call to your Child any Time and Confim Location.This Is First Time In Pakistan From The Parents at Ufone To U.

UWatch Taking Security up a Notch

Now Available In Pakistan with Rs.6999


UWatch Specification

UWatch Features:

it looks like a normal, trendy, digital watch, the UWatch is a state-of-the-art creation of innovative technology. Using real-time tracking technology it helps U keep an eye on your child by connecting directly to the UWatch app on your smartphone. It is also a mobile phone, which lets U talk to your child whenever U wish. So even though it has time, date and alarm functions like your normal watch and battery timing up to two days.

Real-time Tracking

With the help of satellite tracking technology and Ufone’s advanced network, the UWatch allows U to always be aware of the location of your child, conveniently displayed on a map in the UWatch app.

Voice Calling

With the assistance of the UWatch app, U will be able to choose three phone numbers that your child’s UWatch can call and receive calls from. Calls from all other numbers will be blocked, The UWatch has two fast-dial buttons and one Emergency Call/ SOS button that connects the child directly to the pre-defined numbers in the watch.

Emergency/SOS Calling

In case of emergency, pressing the Emergency Call/SOS button on the UWatch will automatically call the pre-defined numbers. An immediate notification of your child’s location will also be sent through SMS on the same numbers.

Safe Zone/ Geo-fence

It also allows U to set up safe zones for your child. Upon setting a Safe Zone/Geo-fence, U will get a notification every time your child enters or exits the specified area.

Tracking History Playback

U are able to view and browse the tracking history of your child for up to 90 days, thus letting U know exactly where your child has been in the last 3 months.

Splash Proof

The UWatch is splash proof, therefore U do not need to worry every time your child plays in the rain or gets it wet.


The in-built Pedometer estimates the distance travelled on foot by recording the number of steps taken.

Watch Removal Function and Remote Turn-off

Due to in-built sensors in the UWatch, every time the child takes off the UWatch, notifications will be sent to the UWatch app. The child cannot turn the UWatch off; only you can turn it off through the remote turn off function in the UWatch app in your smartphone.

How will we get Uwatch:

To buy a UWatch, all U need to do is visit your nearest Ufone Customer Service Center. The UWatch can then be activated on a Ufone SIM through a UWatch smartphone app. The SIM in the watch will be referred to as a ‘child SIM’. The one in the parent’s smartphone will be referred to as the ‘parent SIM’. An annual subscription package will be activated on the ‘child SIM’, whereas all charges will be deducted from the ‘parent Ufone SIM’. The UWatch app for android smartphones can be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

Uwatch Specifications, Price & Charges:

The UWatch is available in three colors; Black, Blue and Pink and comes with monthly free minutes, SMS and MBs along with a 6 months warranty for just Rs. 6,999/. Annual subscription charges (including tracking, minutes, SMS, MBs, taxes and all other chargers) are Rs. 3000.

Free monthly resources include 100 minutes Ufone to Ufone, 100 MBs and 2000 SMS.

Terms & Conditions

The splash proof nature of the UWatch will keep it safe from splashes and drops in water. However, the SIM slot has to be securely closed in order for the watch to remain splash proof.

Real-time tracking will be based on 60-second intervals and will be available within the Ufone network.

After the consumption of free monthly resources, charges of Rs.2+tax/min for all voice calls, Rs.20+tax/MB and Re 1+tax/SMS will apply.

The same charges will apply to calls made to all other networks.

Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA