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UBL Mukammal Current account

UBL Mukammal Current account Details

United Bank Limited is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan having more than 1,320 online branches inside the country. Its 15 branches outside the country are in the United States of America, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Republic of Yemen

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UBL Mukammal Current Account Features:

Ab Hai Sab Kuch Mukammal

No Minimum Balance Requirement

Free Pay Order/Cashier’s Cheque

Free Online Transfer Within UBL

Free Accidental Death & Disability Insurance’

for Individual. Joint & Sole Proprietorship account holder? Only

Free Cheque Book

Free ATM/Detxt Card

Free Internet Banking

Free SMS Alerts & Much More…

UBL Mukammal Current account offers

UBL Mukammal Current account:

UBL Mukammal Current account offers a range of benefits and free services allowing transnational flexibility to the modern day customer. It is a Pak Rupee non-remunerative checking account that aims to provide necessary tools to:-




All Commercial entities

Also unlike any other current account there is no monthly average balance requirement on this, which makes it all the more unique and attractive to customers.

Host of Free Services include

Inter Branch Online Transactions – Country Wide

Debit/ ATM Card Annual fee

Issuance of Cashier’s Cheque /CBC

Cheque Book

Over the Counter Cash Deposit

Cancellation of CC/ CBC

Cheque Returned Unpaid from Payee’s Account in Outward Clearing

Clean bill for Collection/Intercity Clearing

Duplicate Cashier’s Cheque/ CBC

Duplicate Account Statement

Issuance of RTC

UBL Go Green SMS Alert

For further information please feel free to call 111-825-888