Wednesday , February 1 2023

UBL Good Citizen Account Eligibilty and Features

UBL Good Citizen Account, a current account beneficial for Tax Filers! Apply for UBL Good Citizen Account that offers multiple unique benefits for tax filers.


This offer is Special for tax filers.

How to avail car loan:

The customer with non-filer tax status will be classified as Citizen Account holder and the customer with active tax filer status will be classified as Good Citizen Account Holder.

UBL Good Citizen Account

The customers in Good Citizen category are further divided based on the MTD Average balance maintained in their accounts. The product features offered will also vary under the listed categories.
Non-Filer customers and there is no balance limit.

Good Citizen:
Tax filer customers and it is further divided on the Balance requirement as per below:
a. No Balance requirement
b. Minimum 500K MTD Average balance.
Initial Deposits:
This account will be opened with minimum PKR 1,000/ –

UBL Good Citizen Account

UBL Special Car Loan Offer

100% off on registration fee and free leather seats for 1.8L.

You can open UBL Good Citizen Account and get Car Loan 9.75% on Special Discount rate.

UBL Special Car Loan Offer Features:

Free 100% Registration Fee of BRV

Only two percent rate of Vehical Insurance

Free Leather seats for Civic 1.8L

Free 300L Fuel card for Civic 1.5L and city.

Fifty percent Discount on Auto Loan Processing fee