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Tik Tok Model Hareem Shah Biography, Age and Family

Famous Pakistani TikTok Model Hareem Shah has 1.5 million supporters. Harem Shah’s new video go viral on Social media with millions of rupees. A new video of Tuck Talk star Haram Shah is going viral on social media with millions in his hands.

Tik Tok Model Hareem Shah Biography, Age and Family

Pakistani tik tok star Hareem Shah is now going to step into the field of regular acting after making tik tok videos. Hareem Shah is one of the most popular tik tok stars in Pakistan. However, they have become more popular because of their controversial videos than their tick-tock videos. In addition, the pictures that have come to light with various politicians have also increased the popularity of Hareem Shah.

Tik Tok Model Hareem Shah Biography

Leading talk show star Harima Shah has been offered a TV channel to host Ramadan transmission.
Hareem Shah got popularity from Video with Pakistani politicians and celebrities gaining fame due to videos and pictures are going to go viral on Harimam’s new video on social media. In the video, several pieces of note are taken in the hands

Hareem Shah biography

Hareem Shah Biography, Age, Family, Birth Place is given on this page. Do you know Who is Hareem Shah? Where does she live in Pakistan? Who wants to know about her as a social media star and shares her own cute videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages for her fans. She has different Social media accounts like Facebook, and everyone has different likes. Forty thousand and nine thousand, you can guess how popular it is.

Tik Tok Model Hareem Shah Biography, Age and Family

She was born in Peshawar which is the most famous city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan and her date of birth is December 28, 1991. She is 29 years old now. At the start when Hareem Shah TikTok Star joined Tik Tok, his parents Stoped her but She begins her work. Her real name is Fiza Hussain.

Hareem Shah Tik Tok Model

The video is also going viral on social media along with Ahmed Shah, the younger social media star of Harim Shah. In the video, Ahmad is writing something on his hand sitting on the lap of Hareem Shah.
I have not made any final decision regarding Ramadan transmission; if Umrah is not allowed in Ramadan this year, I will definitely be hosting Ramadan transmission.

A Netflix-style Urdu Flex platform is being launched in Pakistan where people will be able to watch their favorite dramas, movies, and web series in Urdu. Original content is being produced for Urdu Flex in Pakistan. So far, two web series have been announced on this platform. These include Aliza Shah’s first web series, “The Bride and the Night”. While the second web series is being made about Hareem Shah.