Friday , September 20 2019

Telenor Easy Card offers

Telenor Easy Card offers

Telenor Easy Card offers convenience and great value that lasts the entire month. Enjoy all network calls, SMS and internet without any additional charges.

Telenor EasyCard offers

Price of this offer:

Rs. 300.00 Plus Tax

500 Telenor and 50 Other Network

Period: 30 Days

SMS: 500

Internet: 500 MB

Telenor EasyCard offers convenience and great value so you can get Rs. 20 balance in addition to the following:.

500 minutes, for both Telenor and PTCL calls

500 SMS for all local networks

500 MB internet, usable for 2G/3G

50 other local mobile network minutes

Offer Eligibility:

All prepaid customers (Talkshawk and djuice) are eligible for this offer.

How to Subscribe this offer:

Easyload: Ask your nearest retailer for “EasyCard” recharge. The retailer will directly subscribe you to this offer.

Scratch Card: Ask your nearest retailer for the “EasyCard” and load this card to subscribe to the offer

Like any regular scratch card, you can load this Card by dialing *555*<14 digit code on card>#


The card is valid for 30 days.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer shall be valid for 30 days with each re-subscription enhancing the validity by up to 30 days from the time the offer is re-subscribed.
  • The offer can be re-subscribed, with each subsequent re-subscription adding to the previous resources.
  • Customers who take this offer shall have their existing recharge validity enhanced up to a maximum of 90 days.
  • Call set-up charges shall not be applicable on any resources within this offer.
  • Customers can check their free resources within the offer by dialing free string *123#
  • Postpaid customers loading this card/easyload shall get balance as per on-going business practice(i.e. stated balance after relevant tax and service charge deductions).
  • Customers may use any other offer along with this offer.
  • Customers who have an outstanding loan amount, shall have their Rs. 20 balance adjusted with loan repayment amount.

There are no additional charges in the offer and free resources can be checked by dialing *123# .

You can avail this offer by either of the following methods

  1. Asking a retailer specifically for the “easycard” based easyload of Rs. 300
  2. Buying the specifically designated “easycard offer” scratch card from retailer and loading it via the normal card loading method (details also given at back of card)