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code Tarang ke pack ke upar maujood hota hay, Is promotion mai shamil honay ke liye, Tarang ke pack ke upar chappay huay AB ke saath shuru honay walay code ko is format; (Code) <space> (City) main dakhil karien aur issay 8655 par sms kar dein, aur pack ke upar wala hissa sambhal ke rakhain.
Is promotion mai shamil honay ke liye, Tarang ke pack ke upar chappay huay AB ke saath shuru honay walay code ko is format; (Code) <space> (City) main dakhil karien aur issay 8655 par sms kar dein, aur pack ke upar wala hissa sambhal ke rakhain. Engro foods ke janib se koi aur format kabil e kabool nahi hoga.Ab ap bhi jeet sakte hain lakhoun ke inamaat! Pack per diay gaey code ko SMS kijiay aur Tarang Mazay ki Jeet ka hisa banjaen.tarang mazay ki jeet

Tarang enjoy winning promotion (promotion) Terms and Conditions:
Engro Foods Limited (Engro Foods) to ‘win’ the taste of a promotional campaign for its customers, has launched to take advantage of the chance to win exciting prizes and buy delicious liquid tyuuaytnr Tarang Engro Foods.

The promotional campaign will last 50 days, starting from 13 October 2016.

Engro Foods will split into 50 days – / 100, more than 65,000 mobile balance prizes. There will also be distributed per day – / 100,000 (1 million). Promotion end – / 10,000,000 (ten million) will announce a bumper prize of Rs One.

The promotional campaign has a CNIC judrst citizens living in Pakistan and will join more than 18 years of age. If one of the partners who are under 18 they must be patronized by someone who has a valid CNIC.

The promotional campaign, starting with the top secret code in the following format ABK attendee must Tarang pack admission publicity (a) (code) space (city) enter and 8655 SMS do . No format (form by Engro foods) will not be accepted.

This promotional become involved in the campaign of publicity srkaapny and I agree also to be used on different media platforms (including television / media / website) and for them it was also confirmed that agrees also be filmed.

A pack promotion code can be used for only one entry. By using srkazyadh Tarang packs and send multiple ayntryz can increase your final chance to win the bumper prize. However, after 50 days of publicity will not accept entry codes.

Promotion of the shares during the period – / 100,000 rupees cash prize can only win once, they will be removed from the daily cash draw more publicity. But at the end of this promotion 50 days – / 10,000,000 (ten million) simply for the bumper prize of Rs.

The srkayumyh can only win one prize mobile balance.

According to the government’s policy will be deducted from income tax on 20% cash prizes.

All relevant taxes levied simply applied to mobile balance according to government policy.

Send ayntryz – / Rs 0.5 + tax per SMS SMS rates will apply.

Engro fudzlmytd the cash prize winners will be announced through various media (which may be in TV, radio and Facebook, including but not limited to).

The winners of the mobile number used to send Engro Foods will lmytdayntry night between 08:00 to 11:00. Winners should be available for between 48 hours of the announcement. Will be trying to win over this period can be contacted by phone on, it failed to win in the mobile calls will lead to disability.

Attendee CNIC in order to claim cash prizes, Tarang Pack Top of printed codes and the like must be present on Engro Foods was submitted and will require confirmation.

All will be distributed within 90 days of the start of the campaign cash prizes. All cash prizes will be sought for the winners receive up to 10 December 2016 and did not have any answer Engro Foods yogurt.

Distribution within 7 days of broadcast mobile balance prizes will be delivered to the winners.

Engro Foods will be the personal discretion of the method of payment of cash prizes.

Engro foods that your personal and absolute discretion reserve the right to make any participant being ineligible for any moment. Engro Foods reserves the right to keep their personal and absolute discretion, that fraud or forgery skeptical of any claim, including without limitation, by counterfeiting codes manipulation of data or otherwise, will Nahel.

Director Engro Foods Promotion computers, member, partner, employee, officer, agent or consultant, including their marketing service providers, dealers, retailers, wholesalers and any person who supplies moody, distribution or sale or e-F include L-brands or any frdju people will not be any going in direct or indirect control by a person or being, including their spouses, close relatives or business partners (ayntytyz) .

Users must submit all of the Codes who bought packs. Retailers or distributors or others will be sent to the mass of legal co ayntryz ineligible. The use of automated systems to increase ayntryz promotion would not lead to disability. Other no exercise that can lead to inefficiencies in the ayntryz also inconsistent with the spirit of the promotion there.

Engro fudzlmytd these terms and conditions at any time without assigning any reason and has given notice of a change in the demand for secure their right to limit or terminate without change.
Engro Foods of time during umusn or transfer prize or later will not be responsible for any physical and / or financial loss or accident.

For more information regarding our helpline 82587 – contact 0800.


Tarang Mazay ki Jeet laya hai croroun jeetne ka mouqa! 50 din tak 10 lakhpati rozana, lakhoun ka mobile balance aur ek crore ka bumper prize! Kyunke Tarang de chai main aur zindagi main MazayKiJeet.
Mazeed tafsilaat ke liay visit kijiay.

Detail of Pizes:

One Caror Bumber Prize.

After Promotion (50 day) one welcome awarded person can win 1000,0000 rupees.

Ten Lakes Cash Prize:

Every day 10 welcome awarded persons can won 10,00000 cash prize.

Mobile Balance:

Daily 1000 and above persons can won the 100 rupees Mobile balance.