Suzuki Cars Price in Pakistan May 2024

Pak Suzuki Motor Company has announced an increase in the Suzuki Cars Price in Pakistan of several of its vehicles. A notification has been issued to increase the price of Suzuki Swift (Swift) GLX CVT by 3 lakh 4 thousand rupees. The price of Swift GLX CVT has increased to Rs 54 lakh 29 thousand.

Suzuki Car Price in Pakistan

The price of Cultus VXR is 38 lakh 58 thousand rupees, the price of Kultus VXL is 42 lakh 44 thousand rupees and the price of Kultus AGS is 45 lakh 46 thousand rupees. The company has increased the price of various models of Suzuki Alto by 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees.

Suzuki Cars Price

The price of Alto VX has been increased by Rs 80,000, the price of Alto VXR and VXRAGS has been increased by Rs 95,000 and the price of VXLAGS has been increased by Rs 1,10,000.

Suzuki Cars Price in Pakistan, the price of VX became 23 lakh 31 thousand rupees and the price of VXR became 27 lakh 7 thousand rupees. Similarly, the price of VXRAGS increased to 28 lakh 94 thousand rupees and the price of VXLAGS increased to 30 lakh 45 thousand rupees.

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Retail Prices
1AhoVX1.699.000160.0001.859.00011Swift Gl MT3.180.000299.0003.479.000
2Aho VXR1.976.000180.0002.156,00012Swift GLCVT3,420.000322.0003,742.000
3Aho VXR AGS2.170.000190.0002.310.00013Swift GIX CVT3.760.000355.0004.115.000
4Aho AGS2.223.000200,0007.423,00014Ravi1.424.000115,0001.519.000
sWifonR VXR2,421.000708.0002.629.000ISRaw w/o OerS1.349.000115.0001.464.000
6Wa$on R VXL2.S64.000225.0002.789.00016Bclan Van1.500.000119.0001,619.000
7Wagon RAGS2.802.000257.0003.059.00017Solan Carso1.487.000119.0001.606.000
9Cuhut VXL3.074.000315,0003.339,000
10Cuhut AGS3.234.000335.0003,569.000


The financing deal also offers several other benefits including fixed rate of 22.99%, insurance rate of 1.9%, 5-year installments and current ex-factory price, bonus of Rs.1 lakh, free registration and 1-year free maintenance.

These offers are applicable on all Wagon R models. Although the company has not announced the end date of this offer, the offer is for a limited period and for a limited number of vehicles.

The company is giving a bonus of Rs 1 lakh on the Wagon R and Rs 1.5 lakh on the Swift GLCVT. Apart from this, registration of new vehicles will also be free. In this offer, the price of the old car will be estimated and this amount will be integrated into the price of the new car.

Suzuki Alto Price

Suzuki alto 800cc price in Pakistan, Price of a Suzuki Alto 800cc in Pakistan Alto AGS’s price has increased by Rs 2 lakh to Rs 24 lakh 23 thousand, Cults VXR’s price has increased by Rs 2 lakh 85 thousand to Rs 30 lakh 39 thousand, and Cults VXL’s price has increased by Rs 3 lakh 15 thousand. 33 lakh 39 thousand rupees have been fixed as a result of the increase.

New Suzuki Cars Price

ModelPrice (PKR)
Alto VX2,251,000
Alto VXR2,612,000
Alto VXR AGS2,799,000
Alto VXL AGS2,935,000
WagonR VXR3,214,000
WagonR VXL3,412,000
WagonR AGS3,741,000
Cultus VXR3,718,000
Cultus VXL4,084,000
Cultus AGS4,366,000
Swift GL4,256,000
Swift GL (CVT)4,574,000
Swift GLX (CVT)4,960,000

Suzuki Cultus Price

Suzuki Cults AGSK now costs Rs 35 lakh 69 thousand, an increase of Rs 3 lakh 35 thousand, while the Waggon RKVXR model now costs Rs 2 lakh 8 thousand 26 lakh 29 thousand.

Suzuki Wagon r Price 

Waggon RVXL’s pricing has increased to Rs 2 lakh 29 thousand. The price of Waggon RAGS has increased by Rs 2 lakh 25 thousand, reaching Rs 27 lakh 89 thousand, and by Rs 2 lakh 57 thousand, reaching Rs 30 lakh 59 thousand.

Suzuki Swift Price 

Suzuki Swift GLCVT is priced at Rs 3 lakh 22 thousand, Swift GLMT at Rs 34 lakh 79 thousand with an increase of Rs 2 lakh 99 thousand, and Swift G is priced at Rs 37 lakh 42 thousand with an increase of Rs 3 lakh 22 thousand.

Suzuki Cars Price in Pakistan after an increase of Rs 3 lakh 55 thousand, the cost of the LX CVT has risen to Rs 41 lakh 15 thousand. The price of the Bolan cargo has grown to 16 lakh 86 rupees following an increase of 1 lakh 19 thousand rupees, while the price of the Ravi carry box is now Rs 15 lakh 39 thousand after a 19 lakh rupee price increase.

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