SSGC LPG Rate in Pakistan December 2023 today

From December 1, 11.8 kg domestic cylinder of LPG has been increased by Rs 45. OGRA has issued a notification to increase LPG prices, according to which the new price of a domestic LPG cylinder has been fixed at Rs.3007.35. The cost of LPG has been increased by Rs.3.82 per kg. From December 1, the new price of LPG per kg will be Rs 254.86.

SSGC LPG Rate in Pakistan December 2023 today

The government also reduced the price of LPG after which a domestic cylinder became cheaper by Rs 117 47 paise and the price of an 11.8 kg LPG cylinder is increased to Rs.3007.35.

LPG Price per kg in Pakistan today 2023

The ssgc lpg fiber cylinder price is the main cause of the increase in SSGC LPG tariffs. Over the past few months, the price of oil has been continuously rising, which has raised the cost of LPG production and transportation. The Pakistani rupee’s decline in value against the US dollar has also contributed to the price increase.

SSGC LPG Rate in Pakistan July 2022

lpg gas price in Pakistan

There are numerous actions that consumers can take to lessen the effects of the SSGC LPG tariff increase. Utilizing energy-efficient equipment and reducing waste are two of the most efficient strategies to reduce LPG consumption. To lessen their reliance on LPG, ssgc lpg online order also investigate alternate energy sources like solar panels. Finally, customers can compare the costs of several LPG suppliers to select the most economical one.

Gas cylinder price in Pakistan 5kg

For Pakistani consumers who depend on LPG for their energy needs, the hike in SSGC LPG prices for July 2023 is a significant step. Although foreign causes are mostly to blame for the price increase, people can take action to cut back on their consumption and look into alternate energy sources.

LPG price per kg in Pakistan today 2023

Commercial cylinders will cost Rs 8933 and residential cylinders Rs 2322, respectively. We can further lower the cost if our formula is used.

Natural Gas Cylinder Price

LPG RatesDomestic LPG Cylinder priceCommercial LPG Cylinder price
Current PriceRs.3007.35Rs 11397
Previous PriceRs 2962Rs 11849

fiber lpg gas cylinder price in Karachi, who already face a hefty share of the burden of exorbitant prices, the cost of the good has dropped nationwide. Ssgc lpg rate in Pakistan October 2023 per details are available at SNGPL transmission and distribution declined by -0.6307 cents and -0.6816 cents, respectively, while SSGC transmission and distribution decreased by -0.6269 cents and -0.714 cents, ssgc lpg contact number.

ایل پی جی کی قیمت
کمیموجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتسلنڈر
Rs 254.86 per kg3007.35روپےRs 2962روپےگھریلو سلنڈر
Rs 452روپےRs 11397روپےRs 11849روپےکمرشل سلنڈر
پہاڑی علاقوں میں ایل پی جی کی قیمت
ایل پی جی 255روپے فی کلو3015روپےگھریلو سلنڈر
ایل پی جی 255روپے فی کلو11600روپےکمرشل سلنڈر