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Soneri Bank Limited (SBL)Home Remittance

Soneri Bank Limited (SBL)Home Remittance 

Soneri Bank Limited (SBL) under the guidance of Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) ( a joint venture of State Bank, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, Pakistan), started Home Remittance Payments Disbursement Initiative in July – 2020).

Soneri Mehnat Wasool.

With Soneri Mehnat Wasool, your friends and family can receive your remittance in a quick, safe, and easy transaction while also getting a special gift from Soneri Bank. Visit our website for details or call us on 021-111-766-374 (SONERI) for assistance.

SONERI Bank currently receives payments from MoneyGram International, Wallstreet Finance Canada, Golden Money Transfer (USA), and Al-Falah Exchange (UAE).

The Bank is in the process of expanding its network of partner companies in Bahrain, Malaysia, the UK, etc.

Soneri Mehnat Wasool

Mehnat Wasool

In a very short span of time and with exceptional customer support and service delivery standards, Soneri Bank managed to make a positive contribution towards Home Remittance Business. Soneri Bank has recognized the potential in Home Remittance business and therefore brands its business with the product name of “Soneri Mehnat Wasool Remittance”. Soneri Bank has already established the relationships with the following Exchange Companies abroad.

Soneri Mehnat Wasool lets you conveniently receive money sent from MoneyGram (with the presence of 350,000+ agents across 200 countries and territories), Ria Money Transfer (with the presence of 243,000+ agents across 134 countries), Al Ansari Exchange / Worldwide Cash Express Money Transfer ( with more than 100,000 agents across the globe) Wallstreet Finance (Canada), Golden Money Transfer (USA), Alpine Exchange (USA) and Al Falah Exchange (UAE) via more than 240 Soneri Branches nationwide.

NO CHARGES – As per directives of State Bank of Pakistan, the recipient (beneficiary) will not have to pay for receiving money. SONERI Bank pays the entire amount received from abroad to the beneficiary.


As soon as a payment is received from abroad it is immediately available for collection by the beneficiary from any of our branches across Pakistan. Payments can be collected within our regular banking hours.

It’s quick –Your money is where it’s needed in just 10 minutes.

It’s safe –Each transaction is protected by highly secured system ensuring a quick payout and only to the right person.

It’s available to everyone –you don’t need a bank account or credit card

It’s easy –just visit your nearest Soneri Branch along with your Transaction Pin number and original Photo ID.

Subject to receiving hours of operation.

It is not mandatory or necessary for the beneficiary to maintain an account with SONERI Bank to avail this service.

The beneficiary can receive payment in Cash by personally visiting any of SONERI Branches. For identification purposes, the beneficiary must carry the original CNIC or Passport.

Home Remittances are only paid in Pakistani Rupees.

Mandatory requirements to avail the Remittance.

The Beneficiary must have a legal identity (CNIC or Passport) issued by the Government of Pakistan such as CNIC / Passport.

There is no maximum holding period, if uncollected, payment received will remain with the Bank, till such time that the MoneyGram requests for a cancellation and refund of payment.

To Receive Money:

Get your reference number from the sender

Visit the nearest Soneri Branch

Provide your Transaction Pin Number and original Photo ID.

The money will be paid to you immediately.

At Soneri, one can only receive money sent from overseas.