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Smartphone Mobile phone charging Tricks

Smartphone Mobile phone charging Tricks

Smartphone speeds up a few batteries. By taking important measures while charging the phone, you can not only charge the phone, but also keep your battery. some parts of the daily life charge to charge our mobile devices and smartphones, because the smartphone has become an important part of our lives.

Some video and voice navigation spends the phone’s battery fast. Secondly the higher the phone screen will end, its battery will end up as fast as possible.

Battery remembers that its capability is measured in a mile empire (MAH) that shows how much the charge is available on the phone in the phone. The Emperor also tells us how much it provides, while voltage shows how quickly it will move to the jork. If you mix them, then call this capability a watt.

Chargers of the iPhone and other old Android phones provide 5 watts with an empire current, while Rapid Charger charges four times faster than two ampires and 12 watts.

how to make your iphone charge faster

How to make your android phone charge faster:

Sharp charging without loss

Remember that the fast charger for every phone is not useful, such as iPhone 6 only 1.6 MPPs, and it comes with an amplifier charger, while you put the 2.2 ampier charger that comes with an iPad on the iPhone. So it will not benefit. That means that the phone taking an amperer will not be charged with the fast charger.

Get the phone fast

It is not a good idea to charge the phone with the USB and laptop to laptop because it takes a lot of time. Try to use the original wall charger.

It would be better to use a Quad Charger over an amp; in the car charger. QuakeQuick 2 and Quake Charge 3 can work better. It will be better if you get anchor power drive + to-charge charger from the market. If this can not be found, if a charger is found to get 3 DLL USB Car Charger, it will also be the best charger, but the original charger should be used.

If you are charging the phone through a USB Battery, then call the phone on the airplane mode so that it can not connect to the computer or it will decrease the receiving emperor. Also turn WiFi off. If you are charging the phone with a standard charger, charge the phone off