Tuesday , November 12 2019

singer Fariha Parvez has filed for divorce from her husband

singer Fariha Parvez has filed for divorce from her husband

singer Fariha Pervaiz has filed for divorce from her husband in court.Renowned singer tied the knot in 3 months Fariha Pervaiz has no claim to the family court for relationship with her husband. Naveed Akhtar, singer claimed the judge filed a court petition that better relations with Noman Javed, who does not live with the rest of his life, which were not fulfilled. The judge Naveed Akhtar Javaid Nauman issued notice to Fariha Pervez husband summoned June 12.
Noman and Fariha got married earlier this year. Fariha was married 3 months before.The singer had attempted suicide a few years ago. He said that they are very concerned about maintaining their marital status

Fariha Pervez Husband Name:

Nouman Javaid

Fariha Pervez files for divorce from Nouman Javaid

Fariha Pervez is a Pakistani female singer. She started her career anchoring and acting from a very young age on PTV (Pakistan Television Corporation). She also co-hosted a popular children’s music program “Aangan Aangan Taray”

Reason of divorce :

She stated that Noman is not fulfilling her legitimate rights on the basis of which her stay with Noman has become impossible. She filed a khulla against her husband in a family court in Lahore. Nouman Javaid has attempted suicide a few months back on the basis of depression.

Singer Fariha Pervez moves court for divorce