Sunday , February 5 2023

Sindh Bank Karachi Tractors Scheme Application Form

Sindh Bank Karachi Tractors Scheme 2016 Application Forms

Sindh Bank Karachi has introduced Tractors Scheme and Application Forms are available here or visit official website

Agricultural Loan Sindh Banks Agricultural loan policy focuses on supporting the small farmers in meeting their funding requirements for the purchase of inputs and implements. Moreover, the Bank’s policy is geared towards boosting agricultural production in the country to meet its growing demand.

Agricultural Loan Sindh Banks Agricultural loan

To contribute to agricultural development by funding agricultural projects for farmers as Sindh Bank Agriculture Loan is the official and specialized source of agricultural credit. The funding will be through Sindh Bank branches and in compliance with its law and by-laws taking into consideration that the Corporation is one important means to implement the national strategy of agricultural development as well as contributing to mitigating burdens of agricultural risks.

Sindh Bank Karachi Application Forms:

Tractors Scheme Application Form English
Tractors Scheme Application Form Urdu
Tractors Scheme Application Form Sindhi