Monday , November 18 2019

Sindh Assembly approves driving license bill for hearing impaired persons

Sindh Assembly approves driving license bill for hearing impaired persons

KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly unanimously approved the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019, under which persons with hearing loss will also be able to get a driving license. Sindh Assembly unanimously approves a new date for the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2019. At today’s meeting, a woman speaking in sign language for special people was specifically allowed to come to the House. At the time of the passage of this bill in the Sindh Assembly, the hearing persons and representatives of their organization were also present in the guest gallery When the special guests arrived at the guests’ gallery, all the members of the House stood up and welcomed them. Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Mukesh Chawla gives a sign to sign language activists. Which was supported by all members of the House, while special guests in the guest gallery thanked the movement? Female experts were invited to speak in the language of sharks who stood by the speaker’s seat And he told the special people in the language of the Shariah about the Sindh Assembly proceedings. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla’s request has been adjourned during the interim questions. He said that only a motor vehicle bill will be introduced in today’s meeting. The majority of the members voted to allow the Special Vehicles Act to be amended in the House. Driving licenses will be issued to certain hearing-impaired persons under the bill. And such people have to put special glasses in the car and they will put special devices in their cars. Drivers who lose hearing via automated device and glasses may know about the horn, ambulance siren. Horns, sirens will be notified with lights in the vehicle of the hearing impaired, for the first time a special driver’s license will be issued.

Amendment for non-receipt of driving license fee from special persons was approved in the House when the bill was submitted for approval. Leader of the Opposition also suggested that the amendment was approved by consensus.

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