Tuesday , October 4 2022

Sheikh muml become Bollywood Actress

Sheikh muml New Bollywood Actress

Momal Sheikh New Bollywood Actress

Lahore: versatile actor Javed Sheikh’s daughter Sheikh muml Bollywood director Mudassar Aziz, the romantic comedy ” Happy to be back ‘, which was signed in the second heroin producers’ Wade cry mano’, ” Wade cry Mano Returns ‘aur”ranjhna’ to direct such films are Anand L Rai.
In the film ‘Cocktail’ Diana Pentecostal Abhay Deol against heroin is the main character and the other artists Ali Afzal, Jimmy srgl, Kanwal Singh and Piyush Mishra, who debut hyn.muml the fashion industry through modeling, then by acting as an actress came here to be able to recognize her.
Lollywood star witness against Sean in 2013 movie ‘Cast huyyn.ab nac”myn Mudassar Aziz’s film’ Happy gy”ky be run through the new innings in Bollywood are expected to begin about .muml Sheikh say in showbiz industry moving through their hard work and dedication I am, all I know about my father, Javed Sheikh, but I did not resort to their reputation and recommendation, he worked for a The producer or director.
Bollywood is a big industry where the artists and singers liked my role is crucial in hy.baly film, like its part agreed to after work. Muml Sheikh said Pakistan also good movies are becoming a good offer, then I’ll gladly.

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