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Sharmila farooqi Marriage Pictures

sharmila farooqi marriage photos
Sharmila farooqi marriage images, photos &  Pictures 

KARACHI: Sharmila Farooqi has married with Hasham Riaz on 28th February 2015.  Sharmila Farooqi’s bridal ceremony details. Chief Minister of Sindh Assemblymember and advisor culture prevails Sharmila wedding day in Karachi were already people were calling the city’s most colorful event before and Hisham Riaz Farooq engagement The ceremony was well ye. Sharmila Farooqi throat thrust and events in the life of the fan like to stay in the limelight

Featured here is the glamor of his personality but no doubt they are rich with the beauty of intelligence. Thanks to his political party hold an important position in. Benazir Bhutto Zardari PPP governments from the positions they are in. Sharmila Farooqi PPP is represented in bold. Women’s rights, or any other issue Sharmila expressed openly stand up. The “media darling” is called. In any case, I think the media should approach them and get ready to talk about their lives spicy news comes on the scene.

Nor are assertive, she saw no contradiction in my personality, I am one out. Shy and Hisham Riaz liked each other so shy and I do not run the media that he would tell the good news about his personal life. Two years ago they were engaged and then invited the media on the occasion of the marriage ceremony a week ago we were invited. Red and golden beautiful bride and groom on wedding invitations new life in Urdu wishes to leave the event was requested.

Sharmila Farooqi their parents, groom, in-laws, and friends of shy guys in the wedding wishes are met. Rhyn.srmyla weddings a week treatment of various designer has dressed couple. They sing and dance with my husband relieved beyond tradition, the bride usually rode in a carriage, but shy of her henna ceremony appeared on a horse.

Given the popular event was the media and but organizers strongly in the case of pictures taken in addition to the limited number of cameras allowed. Media organizers also issued their own photos Sharmila had the choice.

 The first wedding ceremony “bridal shower” was. Bridal shower shy in the name of the function attended all her friends together and shake well been strangled. Sharmila was decorated with pictures. The girls decided to wear a sari. Srmylany golden border red sari, wearing a simple gathering of friends and well-established color.

Shy love of music from her husband, Hisham even music is very interested. Instruments sound will reverberate all the events of the wedding. EFFECTS mayun beginning and end of the event was to poetry. Sharmila generated yellow and green dress designer Faiza Sami’s forehead. Chapter gargle he looked like a doll. This function Shy “Cinderella-style” was the adopted growth. He produced Zeeshan Ali blue, golden and black colors consisting of dressed.

The henna ceremony was unique. Sharmila instead “Raj Kumar” awaited the arrival of the horse and the horse likes to sit on white and black magnificent horses were entered in the event. Friends were holding the horse’s reins.

Function losers Beach luxury hotel located on the beach, which was conducted in more than 4,000 guests attended. The red and white roses venue was beautifully decorated. Guests in the political, cultural, social, media personalities of each sector. Foreign diplomats also attended.

Sharmila Farooqi’s mother Anisa because of their dress and manner were the center of attention. Each of his daughter’s wedding ceremony itself glosses like a bride, chandelier planted. Sharmila Farooqi’s father Osman’s also wearing a wedding Sherwani.

In the shadow of the bride and groom leave the prayer ceremony in which politics and culture, men and women from the number of contributors. Sharmila Farooqi as the father of a marriage full of color This function is a glamorous celebration.

Sharmila farooqi wedding Photos