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Shaista Wahidi Scandal Pictures

Shaista Wahidi Hot Pictures

Shaista Wahidi Scandal Pictures

There are many web clients who are clicking in the web to see these new Shaista Lodhi spilled photographs and they are responding on interpersonal organization sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The mother of three, who is going to wed third marriage with Meer Shakil Ur Rehman, said while protecting herself that these Shaista Wahidi spilled photographs are with her spouse.Shaista Wahidi Controversial Scandal Leaked Images & Pictures

Shaista Wahidi Leaked Photos Scandal

She further said that these pictures were taken when she was in his nikkah so she doesn’t di anything offbase. She asked for to individuals not to say anything with respect to her individual life.

Shaista Wahidi, who hosts morning show in extremely well known Pakistani diversion channel Geo Tv, got separated from Dr. Waqar Wahidi in 2012 following 13 years of marriage.Shaista Wahidi's Controversial Leaked Pictures

She was the host of the morning show Good Morning Pakistan, which pretense on Ary Digital. Toward the end of September 2010, she joined GEO and is currently facilitating a morning show of Pakistan ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’ on the same channel.Shaista Wahidi private pictures 2014

Shaista Wahidi spilled photographs are not alone in the arrangement of famous people who are confronting a colossal fiasco of feedback of spilled feature or photograph embarrassments. Sofia Ahmed, an alternate recharged Pakistani on-screen character, additionally in the features who shameful feature was released few days back.Shaista Wahidi new scandal pic

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