Shab e Meraj 2024 date in Pakistan

Shab-e-Meraj will be observed tonight across the country with religious fervor. Shab Miraj will take place on February 7, Wednesday 2024. Special prayers shab e meraj nawafil will be held in mosques and shab e meraj ki ibadat will be arranged to discuss the Miraj incident comprehensively. Muslims throughout the world, observe Shab-e-Miraj every year on 27th Rajab-ul-Murajab (Islamic calendar).

Shab e meraj 2024 date in Pakistan Islamic calendar

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Shab e meraj 2024 Islamic date

shab e meraj 2023 islamic date is 27 Rajab 1445 AH. The Shab-e-Mairaj (night of the journey) is a journey that is said to have taken place during the night of the Rajab 27 by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 621 AD, a year prior to his migration from Makkah to Medinah. During this journey Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had narrated was taken to visit different levels of heaven and even to the furthest mosque – Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem – currently the most disputed location between Palestines and Israel.

سورہ بنی اسرائیل کی پہلی آیت میں ارشاد باری تعالیٰ ہے” وہ ذات پاک ہے جو ایک رات اپنے بندے کو مسجد حرام (خانہ کعبہ) سے مسجد اقصیٰ (بیت المقدس)تک جس کے گردا گرد ہم نے برکتیں رکھی ہیں لے گیا تاکہ ہم اْسے اپنی نشانیاں دکھائیں بے شک وہ سْننے والا اور دیکھنے والا ہے  “سورۃ  بنی اسرائیل کی آیت نمبر 60 میں ارشاد خدا وندی ہے “اور جو نمائشیں ہم نے تمہیں دکھائیں اس کو لوگوں کیلئے آزمائش کیا “۔

This journey is believed to have been a physical journey and not a dream, and is seen as a special gift and blessing to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The significance of the journey is that it is seen amongst Muslims as a reaffirmation of Prophet Muammad (PBUH) status as a messenger of Allah, and a reminder of the great blessings that have been bestowed upon him. The believers perform Nawafil, gatherings of greetings and salutations and recitation of Naat are organized,

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