Saria Rate Today per Kg in Pakistan March 2024

The basic raw material of the construction industry has increased in price. Suriya price has recorded an increase of Rs 3000 per tonne. It has been reported that after the increase in the prices of various gauges, the price of steel has reached 2 lakh 68 thousand rupees. The increase was due to the delay in the arrival of sea vessels at the port. Is. Apart from this, the increase in interest rates and the increase in global raw material prices are also the reasons for the situation.

The reduction in steel prices will give a boost to the construction industry as the price of steel has come down from Rs 320,000 to less than Rs 2 lakh due to the global recession.

Steel saria rate today per kg in Pakistan March 2024

Due to the increase in the value of the dollar, the prices of construction materials have also increased. The prices of iron in the world market have increased by 50 dollars per ton. Due to which the price of iron in Pakistan has increased by 30 thousand rupees per ton. After this increase, the price of sulfur per ton has become 2 lakh 70 thousand. The prices of construction materials have increased immensely across the country.

Saria, also known as reinforced steel, plays a pivotal role in the construction industry. Its strength and durability make it a preferred choice for builders. Understanding the current Saria rate is essential for making informed decisions in the dynamic construction market.

Saria Rate Today per Kg in Pakistan February 2023

Saria rates can vary significantly across different cities in Pakistan. Local factors such as transportation costs, demand-supply disparities, and regional economic conditions contribute to these variations. Galvanized, hot and cold steel sheet from China is being sold at Rs 2 lakh 95 thousand to Rs 2 lakh 85 thousand. Due to which the business activities of Saria and Steel have increased.

Saria rate today per kg in Pakistan March 2024 per ton

Mughal steel price per ton today in Pakistan have raised the cost of steel to Rs 3.5 lakh a tonne, while a cement sack now costs more than Rs 1,000. Cost overruns in the building business are already a problem, and now the basic raw material The construction sector will collapse due to rising costs. 1 ton saria price in Pakistan today is used in the construction industry to a degree of 25 to 30 percent; two years ago, saria rate today per ton was Rs. 130000. today iron rate per kg in Pakistan rising, the local steel sector is losing money.

Builders and construction companies are directly affected by Saria rates. Understanding these impacts allows for better planning and decision-making. Strategies like bulk purchasing during low-price periods or exploring alternative materials can help manage the effects of Saria rate fluctuations.

5 ہزارRs.245000لوکل سریا
10 ہزارRs.260000برینڈڈ سریا
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