samsung galaxy note 9 specs

Samsung Galaxy note 9 Smartphone is a new title for mobile photography, because the new range of mid-range smartphone Samsung Galaxy A-Nine offers two notebooks but also four cam together. Though three cameras have been presented simultaneously in the Huawei P20 Pro, but Sam has hit it and announced to present four cameras together. According to the company, it would be possible to take closer, living and beautiful pictures from the fact that it was not possible before.
The option of artificial intelligence (AI) in the software will tell which setting will be good forthe best image. These four cameras have four different lens, which also have an ultra-wide lens, a telephoto lens that doubts the optical zoom, with two-dimensional camera, there is a 24-megapixel camera, and the fourth lens is the Depth sensing camera. Similarly Front Front is also 24 megapixel, with 1.7 F lens.

samsung galaxy note 9

samsung note 9 price

samsung galaxy note 9 specs:

It has the Xinix 7885 Snapper Dragon 660 chip set and the internal storage is 128 GB which can be increased through the card. Phone display is 1080 × 2220 pixels and the screen width is 6.3 inches
It has been designed for people who take a lot of photos daily for social media, including seals, simple images and panoramas, everything else. According to the critics, although Sam is growing towards superiority in better cameras, but this time an increase in the AI ​​is expected to improve. Its operating system is OOUT.

This time the phone will be available in Lemonade Blue and Chonggam pink color.
samsung galaxy note 9 price:

Its starting price is estimated at $ 690