Tuesday , September 28 2021

Rescue 1122 Special Team evacuate dead body of Man searching for treasure

Rescue 1122 Specia Team evacuate dead body
Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Special Team  evacuate dead body of Man searching for treasure

MULTAN:Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Special Rescue Team Discovered the dead body and evacuate it from the 40-foot long shaft today.

His body has been spotted 44 hours after the rescue operation.Rescue Team use their best technique to evacuate the dead body.

Father of Zeeshan had earlier said that three months ago a pir visited their house and told them that they had a large treasure buried beneath.  Zeeshan’s mother said they had told their youngest son to dig under the house.

The son had started digging ten weeks ago, but on Saturday he did not emerge from the shaft.

 Dead Body of Zeeshan evacuate from 40-foot long shaft