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Rescue 1122 KPK Jobs interview Result 2023

Rescue 1122 KPK Jobs interview Result announced and Candidates can their name in the list of Selected Candidates for Training in Lahore. The candidates, that had passed the interview against different vacant positions from district Karak, hang, and Mardan.

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Rescue 1122 kpk merit list 2023 The list of selected candidates is given on the website kpk 1122 result 2023.

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Rescue1122 KPK Jobs interview Result 2023

Jobs for Abbottabad, Nowshera, and Swabi are looking for young, energetic and dedicated individuals willing to work anywhere in the province. Directorate General Emergency Service (Rescue 1122 KPK) (332) SITUATION VACANT The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in its quest to extend Rescue-1122 Services to District D.I.Khan. Abbottabad, Nowshera, and Swabi is looking for young, energetic, and dedicated.

Sweeper (BPS-o3) Provisional Result
Security Guard (BPS 03) Provisional Result
Office Attendant (BPS-03) Provisional Result
Driver HTV (BPS-06) Provisional Result
Driver LTV (BPS 06) Provisional Result
Helper for Heavy Machinery (BPS-05) Provisional Result
Operator for Heavy Machinery (BPS-07) Provisional Result
Security Incharge (BPS-07) Provisional Result
Senior Store Keeper (BPS 07) Provisional Result
Auto Technician (BPS-08) Provisional Result
Junior Clerk (BPS-n) Provisional Result
Electrical Technician (BPS-n) Provisional Result
DERT Rescuer (BPS-n) Provisional Result
Fire Rescuer (BPS-n) Provisional Result
Emergency Medical Technician (BPS-n) Provisional Result
Lead Fire Rescuer (BPS-12) Provisional Result
Wireless Technician (BPS-12) Provisional Result
Shift Incharge (BPS-12) Provisional Result
Account Assistant (BPS -14) Provisional Result
Transport Maintenance Inspector (BPS-14) Provisional Result
Computer Operator (BPS-16) Provisional Result
Check Physical Test Result
Office Assistant (BPS-16) Provisional Result
Control Room Incharge (BPS-16) Provisional Result
Station House Incharge (BPS-16) Provisional Result

Organizations look for candidates who can be a source of growth, competitive advantage, and innovation. A Gallup report says 6 out of 10 engaged employees believe their jobs nurture their innovation. Engaged employees feel empowered towards innovative and creative thinking.

Shortlisted Candidates for the interview (BPS 01 to BPS 07)

SGI, SSK on 27/5/2019 OA, HTV on 28/05/2019 LTV, SW on 29/05/2019 SG on 30/05/2019 at rescue head Quarter Tariq road Peshawar Cantt 10: 00 am

  • Security Incharge & Senior Store Keeper Interview Date (27 May 2022)
  • Office Attendant, &  HTVT Drivers Interview Date (28 May 2022)
  • LTV Drivers & Sweeper Interview Date (29 May 2022)
  • Security Guards Interview Date (30 May 2022)

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Rescue1122 KPK Jobs interview Result


A selected list of Candidates of  interview (BPS 01 to BPS 07) SGI, SSK on 27/5/2021 OA, HTV on 28/05/2019 LTV, SW on 29/05/2021 SG on 30/05/2021 at rescue head Quarter Tariq road Peshawar Cantt

Senior Store Keeper

Operative Heavy Machinery

Helper Heavy Machinery


Security Guards


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