Ramazan ul Mubarak Chand Raat SMS 2024

The Central Route Hilal Committee has announced the sighting of the new moon of Ramadan 1444 AH. A meeting of the Central Route Hilal Committee was held in Peshawar under the chairmanship of Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad. Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad announced the sighting of the moon after receiving evidence from the committees.

Ramazan ul Mubarak Chand Raat SMS 2022

Evidence of sighting of the moon was received from Islamabad, Badin, Swat, Malakand, Lahore, Karachi, and other areas. Tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadan. Congratulations to the entire nation on the arrival of Ramadan. The committee meeting was held 17 years later.

Ramazan ul Ramadan Chand Raat SMS 2014Ramazan ul Mubarak Chand Raat Islamic SMS 2024

Ramazan ul Ramadan Chand Raat SMS 2024 is a collection of New & Latest Islamic Sms for the Muslim People to celebrate their Feelings and welcome Holy month of Ramzan. Tamam Aalam-e-Islam ko humari taraf se Mah-e-Ramzan ka chand aur Mah-e-Ramzan bahot bahot Mubarak.

Ramza Kareem

A meeting of the Ruwit Hilal Committee will be held in Peshawar today to observe the month of Ramadan.

تمام عالم اسلام کو ماہ صیام کا چاند مبارک ہو
(1)Raat ko naya chand mubarak,
Chand ko chandni mubarak,

Falak ko sitare mubarak.
Sitaroon ko bulandi mubarak.

Aur aap ko hamari taraf se:-

 dua in Ramzan ul Mubarak

Ya Allah!
Please Give us a chance to see next Ramadan.
Please Give Long & Healthy life to our parents.
Please Give Jannah to those Muslims who are not in this World
Please Forgive our sins.
Please Give Health to sick people.
Please send Good Proposals for our sisters & Daughter.
Please Bring Peace in Muslim Countries.
Please Give Freedom to those Muslim who are struggling for it.
Please Bring Happiness in Every Muslim’s Life.
Please Bring back to those who are missing.
Please ALLAH make us Good Muslim.
Please ALLAH Help Muslim against their Enemies.
Please Give us Haya.
Please Make our Future Good.
Please ALLAH Don’t leave us alone.
Please Give the Good Life Partner to the boys & Girls.
Please Give us a chance to do Umrah and Hajj.
Please Help the poor.
Please Give us a power to help poor.
Please Give us strength to do Good Acts
Please Fulfill our legal desires
Please Save us From Fire of Hell.
Please Give us Place in jannah after Death

dua in Ramzan ul Mubarak

 Ramadan Kareem Chand Raat Islamic SMS 2024

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