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Utility Stores Corporation (ULC) Ramadan Relief Package 2021

Islamabad: The federal government has announced 2.5 billion for the Ramadan package and 19 items are subsidized on the retail. The complete rate list is available at Ramadan packages are available at attractive rates including palm, rice, basin, tea, and pulses, while new rates are applied to utility stores today on Friday.

Utility Stores Corporation (ULC) Ramadan Relief Package 2021

The Federal government of Pakistan has announced Ramazan package worth 2.5 billion rupees for the provision of essential commodities to the masses at reduced rates through the Utility Stores Corporation during the holy month. Two Hundred utility stores will be opened after Ramadan, Ramadan Relief Package will continue from April 17 to Eid.

The Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved a Rs 2.5 billion Ramadan relief package. The Ramadan Relief Package of Rs 2.5 billion has been approved at the ECC meeting chaired by Sher Haq Abdul Hafiz Sheikh under which Ninteen items will be subsidized at utility stores.

Ramzan Relief Package in Pakistan

Prime Mister of Pakistan Imran Khan Has announced Ramzan Relief Package 2020 for Common Person and Poor People of Pakistan. You can Purchase Items on discount rates from Utility Stores in Pakistan. The reduction in prices will take effect immediately.

Ramzan Relief Package in Pakistan

Ramadan Relief Package 2021 Rate List

New rates of subsidized items have been fixed at Utility Stores, Ramadan, Half grams of palms reduced by 10, basin at Rs 20 per kg, and 200 grams of red chilli by Rs 18. Done. The price of rice has been reduced from Rs 3 to Rs 5 per kg.

During Ramadan, the mill basin will be available at Rs 140 per kg after a reduction of Rs 20. The utility brand will cost 265 to 255 per kg of lentils. Red pepper 200 grams price has been reduced by Rs 18.

Prices of branded cooking oil and beverages have been reduced at utility stores, coking oil has been reduced by Rs.9, the reduction in prices will be effective immediately. Pricing notification was issued

Now 200 grams of red chili will be available for Rs 157 instead of 175. Turmeric will be 100 grams 35 to 31, coriander powder 90 to 81, and 50 grams spices powder 64 to 58. Black pepper has become 50 grams 57 to 51 rupees. 100 grams of white powder will be available for Rs. 95 grams of tea will be available for Rs. 91 after the reduction of 4:00 rupees.

The meeting also approved tax exemption till June 30 on the delivery of funds under the Ehsaas Program. The Economic Co-ordination Committee has also approved issuing supplementary grants, including a subsidy of Rs.84 Core.

According to the notification, the price of branded cooking oil at utility stores has been reduced by Rs 9 per kg. The price of cooking oil has come down from Rs 232 to Rs 223 per liter.

2020رمضان ریلیف پیکج

ملک بھر کے تمام یوٹیلٹی سٹورز میں بنیادی اشیاء خوردونوش پر خصوصی سبسڈی

نمبر شمار اشیاء ریٹ
1 چینی روپے68
2 آٹا(کلو گرام پیک) روپے800
3 گھی روپے170
4 کوکنگ آئل روپے185
5 دال چنا روپے160
6 سفید چنا روپے125
7 دال مسور روپے130
8 دال ماش روپے255
9 سیلا چاول روپے134
10 باسمتی چاول روپے135
11 ٹوٹا چاول روپے73
12  (Lipton Yellow Label) چائے روپے893
13 دودھ( ٹیٹرا پیک) روپے127
14 کھجور (۵۰۰)گرام پیک   روپے80
15 بیسن(چکی) روپے140
16 جام شیریں۔۸۰۰ ملی گرام روپے220
17 جام شیریں۔۱۵۰۰ ملی گرام روپے395
18 مصالحہ جات  فیصد تک خصوصی رعایت10
19 لال مرچ200 گرام روپے157
20 ہلدی100 گرام روپے31
21 دھنیا پاؤڈر روپے81
22 مصالحہ پاؤڈر50 گرم روپے58
23 کالی مرچ50 گرام روپے51
24 سفید زیرہ100 گرام روپے89
25 دڑا مرچ100 گرام روپے79
26 چائے95 گرام روپے91
اس  کے علاوہ ایک ہزار  سے  زائداشیاء کے نرخوں میں بھی خصوصی کمی کی گئی ہے

Ramadan Relief Package 2020

Prime Minister’s 1200 billion rupees relief package, it was decided to provide fifty billion rupees to the Utility Stores Corporation. Rs.10 billion rupees have already been disbursed to the corporation in order to ensure that the utility outlets have sufficient stocks of the essential items.

A monitoring mechanism regarding the availability of items at the utility stores will be put in place at the district level. Similarly, a one and a half-liter bottle of soft drink of different companies have been reduced by Rs 5 and a bottle of soft drink has been reduced from Rs 83 to Rs 78.

Ramzan Relief Package 2020 rate

There will be a subsidy of 15 to 20 rupees on basin and pulses. Similarly, the subsidy will be given on the items commonly used in Ramazan such as squashes, sugar, tea, and milk.USC has a network of 4200 outlets across the country.

Two hundred more outlets will be added in the next fifteen to twenty days. He said we also plan to establish two hundred outlets after Ramazan with a focus on the rural areas. The quality of products is being ensured at the utility outlets.

The USC is providing clean, graded, hygienically fit, unadulterated genuine food and non-food items to the public and especially to the poorer segments of the society, at comparatively cheaper rates than the market and to offer them a pleasant environment of mutual confidence while making their purchases.

It is also committed towards its obligation to provide economic relief to the public by playing its role as a price moderator and deterrent to profiteering, hoarding and black-marketing