Friday , November 15 2019

Ramadan Moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia & Gulf States

Ramadan Moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States

RIYADH:  Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have not seen the new moon of Ramadan. The First fasting will be on Thursday 17th May 20018.

1st Ramdan in Saudi Arabia

According to Arab media for moon sighting committee and government of the UAE Supreme Council meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries in which the Moon was invisible announced.

In Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, many countries of the world did not see the moon of Ramadan, after which there will be the first fasting on Thursday. The Supreme Council has declared it regularly. According to Saudi media, the largest meeting to see the moon was held in the central region of Riyadh, Sajjad, a renowned astronomer, Abdul Al-Khazeer, attended. After the verdict of testimony, the Raviat Hilal Committee announced that the moon should not be seen, in which a Ramadan ruler in Saudi Arabia will be held on Friday on May 17. According to the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia, the people of Saudi Arabia saw the moon of Ramadan Directing the Moon to local moon committees, said that the martyrdom of the moon should be lodged in the Supreme Court, as it was announced after the investigation of the moon. The Saudi astrological institute said that Today that moon is unlikely to be seen today because of scientific evidence, today’s moon’s age is so much It will not be necessary that they can be seen. Meanwhile, the moon did not appear in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Australia, Oman, Japan and Australia, after which the first day there will be the first fasting on Thursday. Experts of astronomers predicted Ramadan to start the same year this year.

Gulf States/countries:

Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Turkey

We did not see the new moon of Ramadan in all countries, including the Gulf on Thursday, the first day will be on 17th May 2018.

First (1st) Ramzan in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries

The Muslims will start Ramadan Tomorrow which is living in Europe and the US, Saudi Arabia.

1st Ramzan/1st Roza(Fasting) will be on 17th May 2018.