Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2024 Date, Time and Schedule

Lahore Police Operations Wing has completed the security arrangements of Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2024 (Lahore Division). A coordinated security plan has been prepared for the safety of the participants of the gathering, more than one thousand officers and youths of Lahore Police are on security duty. The search process of every person and vehicle is being ensured by volunteers. Pickets have been installed around the venue. While help desks have also been set up to guide the participants.

Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2024 Date, Time and Schedule

Lahore Police is determined to provide foolproof security to the gathering participants. Search and sweep operations are ongoing in the communities adjacent to the gathering. Participants should cooperate with the police personnel posted at the checking points.

Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2024 Date, Time and Schedule

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema 2024

Police vehicles including Dolphin, PRIO, Elite Force are on patrol. The Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2024 will continue till February 12, 2024.

Raiwand Annual Tablighi Ijtema ended today after prayer, the prayer of Tablighi Gathering was led by Maulana Ibrahim. For the evacuation of the delegates, more security has been increased by the traffic warden, all the roads coming to Raiwand have been closed and made one-way, a Green Line train special has been run from Raiwand to Karachi for the delegates.

1. MALI IJTEMA 9-11 February 2024.
2. IVORY COAST IJTEMA 16-18 February 2024.
3. CHAD IJTEMA 9-11 February 2024.
4. CAMEROON IJTEMA 16-19 February 2024.
5. RAIWIND OLD WORKERS JORD 21-25 February 2024.
6. GUYANA (C) 26-28 April 2024.
8. JOHANNESBURG IJTEMA 26-28 April 2024.
9. KENYA IJTEMA 2-5 May 2024.
10. JAPAN JORD 3-5 May 2024.
11. KABUL AFGHANISTAN JORD 17-19 May 2024.
13. MALAYSIA SABAH IJTEMA 30 May – 1 June 2024.
14. AUSTRALIA JORD 8-10 June 2024.
15. UK AND EUROPE JOURNEY 28 June – 11 July 2024.
16. CANADA JOURNEY 15-23 June 2024.
17. AMERICA 4 REGIONAL JORD 25 July – 5 August 2024.
18. INDONESIA IJTEMA 6 Areas 12 July 4 August 2024.
19. THAILAND IJTEMA 9-11 August 2024.
20. DURBAN South Africa IJTEMA 9-11 August 2024.
21. MALAYSIAN IJTEMA, Kuala Lumpur
15 – 17 AUG 2024
22. ⁠DURBAN JORD 21-24 September 2024.
22. KENYA JORD 26-29 September 2024.
23. SOUTH KOREA IJTEMA 27-29 September 2024.
24. TAIWAN IJTEMA 4-6 October 2024.
25. RAIWIND IJTEMA 1-3 November and 8-10 November 2024.

Raiwind Ijtema 2024 City Traffic Plan

Participants’ vehicles coming from GT Road Gujranwala will be sent via the Pirbaharshah Chowk Sheikhupura Motorway to Thokar Niazbeg, then on to Okara. Participants’ vehicles travelling from Faisalabad Sargodha to Sheikhupura will be sent via the Pirbaharshah Chowk Sheikhupura Motorway. Participants’ vehicles arriving via Mangabai Pass/Mangarohi Nala will be directed to the Raiwand Assembly, while participants’ vehicles arriving via Kasur will be directed by Liliani Soy Asal Road Jodhu Phatak to Kharachowk Rohi Nala via Burhan Chowk via Bara Oil Milzchowk Nisar. Vehicles arriving from Bhatti Chowk should park in front of Bara Oil Mills Chowk via Burhan Chowk.

Raiwind ijtema 2024 part 1 map

2023 raiwind ijtema map Due to space restrictions, the Ijtema is set up in two stages. To check on the preparations made for Raiwind Ijetma 2023, Deputy Commissioner Lahore travelled to Raiwind Markaz. raiwind jor 2023 dates.

Raiwind Ijtema 2024 schedule

The DC also attended an awareness lecture hosted by a private institution and travelled to Tehsil Raiwind to examine anti-dengue surveillance. The official also went to Raiwind, a rural health facility, to check on things like the availability of doctors and other medical staff, sanitation, and medicine. He gave the hospital’s management the go-ahead to make special preparations for Raiwind Ijtema. Phase I of the Raiwind 2023 project will include participating regions, right?

Participants in the event will come from the interior of Sindh, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Dir, Peshawar, Swat, and Haripur to Gilgit in the first phase and from Karachi, Quetta, the entirety of Balochistan, Bahawalpur, Multan, DI Khan, Rawalpindi-Islamabad, Bannu, Kohat, and Mardan in the second phase. On the final day of the relevant period, at 8:00 AM, the final Dua for each congregation would be spoken.

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Dates, Time and Schedule 2024 in English

Tablighi Ijtema raiwind 2023 dates are announced which is given below on this page tablighi ijtema schedule.


Raiwind ijtema 2023 date November

Part 1st: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Nov 2023

The first phase of the preaching session began on October 31, which was attended by millions of people, both inside and outside the country,

The first phase of the World Tablighi Jamaat gathering in Raiwind ends with a collective prayer

Part 2nd: 7th, 8th, 9th Nov 2023

The second phase of preaching in Raiwind will begin on November 7 and Foreigners brothers who are willing to attend the raiwind ijtema are requested to contact their local tableegi Markaz.

Lahore Traffic Police has prepared a special traffic plan while law and order agencies are keeping an eye on external security. The internal security of the congregation will be handed over to volunteers of the Jamaat.

Raiwind Tableegi Ijtema Schedule 2024 in Urdu

رائیونڈ تبلیغی اجتماع 2023 شیڈول
پہلا حصہ 2023
3 نومبر بروز جمعرات عصر سے 4 نومبر جمعہ
5 نومبر ہفتہ
6 نومبر اتوار کو صبح دعا ہو گی
حلقہ نمبر 1 لاہور
حلقہ نمبر6 پشاور
حلقہ نمبر 11 ملتان
حلقہ نمبر 18 کوئٹہ
اور ان حلقوں میں شامل باقی ذیلی مراکز
دوسرا حصہ 2023
10 نومبر بروز جمعرات
11 نومبر جمعہ
12 نومبر ہفتہ
13 نومبر اتوار کو دعا ہو گی
حلقہ نمبر 4 فیصل آباد
حلقہ نمبر 7 سوات
حلقہ نمبر 10 ڈیرہ اسماعیل خان,
حلقہ نمبر 15 کراچی

اور ان حلقوں میں شامل باقی ذیلی مراکز

In Raiwand, where accommodations and food preparation for 10 lakh people have been completed, more than 2500 police officers, 2200 Tablighi workers carrying batons, Tablighi leaders, and Bangladeshi scholars have arrived, the international gathering of Tablighi Jamaat will begin today. Additionally, a group of preachers traveled to Raiwand. Do not leave the vehicle behind and accompany the vehicle crew in action. If there is fog etc. due to bad weather, then travel during the day. From the province you will visit, take different routes so that others do not suffer. Do not bring any equipment that will waste your precious time. Respect each other in the pandal and in the parking lot. Line up big cars next to big ones and small cars next to small ones. Do not go to the market unless necessary. Take care that the whole congregation cannot hear the speech near the pulpit. Take care of cleanliness in the pandal. Smoking is not appropriate inside the pandal. When the congregation stands up for prayer, read from front to front.

This year’s Tablighi Jamaat worldwide assembly is being conducted in Raiwand in two stages. More closed-circuit cameras have been placed, and outside the area where more than 10,000 international guests have come, a circle has been set up for them. Make a committee of ten friends from each circle
After the final prayer, first the bike will be taken out, then the vehicles will be allowed to leave and finally the buses and trucks will leave.

At this year’s Raiwand International Conference, about 50,000 foreign visitors are anticipated. Vehicles from the Dolphin, Peru, and elite forces have been stationed all around the event area for day and night patrols. A rigid ban has been put in place. The Street Light Branch has set up lighting and created extensive parking arrangements at several sites. Entrance to the event will be through 30 walk-through gates.

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